BaZi General : Knowledge vs Expression

knowledge vs expression

When you know something does it means you would need to tell it out ? For the like of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange bringing knowledge out into the light has not been a rewarding journey. It has been know that old Chinese protocol is never to transmit knowledge out of the family bloodline. This is also one of the reason why so much knowledge get buried with people who has them.

Expression in BaZi is represented by the Output star while Knowledge is champion by Resource. As we know Resource and Output is in a counter position. The recent Hong Kong “riot” incident where over 1 millions resident (didn’t know HK got so many people) took to the street to voice out against extradition agreement is a clear expression in motion.

Think of a few scenario, in office you found out who is the next in line for CEO position where management still putting on a show to seemingly select the succession, should you voice out the hypocrisy ? You see you best buddy madly in love with an asshole that is 3 timing her as the same time, should you tell her the brutal truth ? You have been with your partner for 10 over years but because of busy schedule you have grow apart so far that both you just feel like stranger, should you tell her the change of heart ?

Output is the creation star where its beauty lies in the ability to operate without fact. It deal with the possibility of what if and how can. What if the CEO is really awesome ? What if the asshole really change because of your buddy ? how can you reconnect with the stranger partner of yours ? You can see that this provide hope and a possible future to strive for.

Where resource star mainly deal with the past. What has happen and has been recorded as true. What is true today may not be true tomorrow but the truth does serve as a lesson for the future. This build foundation as the future reference, it make a safe zone for people.

As usual, clashing/countering element will need a mediating force and in BaZi we used the companion star as the mediator. Whether hope (Output) or truth (resource) is to win the fight, it depend on what the public (companion) want to hear.  Ofcourse if your chart is more skew toward output then you like hopeful speeches while those gear toward resource would like a more factual account.

Julian Assange Julian is with a Resource structure which make him a pro fact individual and was going through Hurting Officer during his last luck pillar where expression is dominant. lets expose the truth then … price worth paying ?


BaZi General : Happiness vs Responsibility

Happiness vs Responsibility

Note : Topic is rather advance and heavy.

A happy person should be a responsible person but yet we may be torn in between at times. A restaurant operated by an old couple wanted to cease their business but was unable to do so because they have a few employees that that work with them their entire life. If they closed the business down those staff would not have any place to work anymore.  They also have customer that are third generation coming to support their restaurant from time to time. Would you advise the couple to close down as it would give them freedom/happiness ?

Change a scenario. You have been working for this company for sometimes, this is the very company that took you in when no other company gave you the chance. Now you are a well reputed personal in your field of expertise. Head hunter are offering good package for you to move to a new company but your currently is in a difficult financial situation. You know you can turn the situation around by remaining. Would you just go and let the company sink/swim on its own ?

What if a young college couple made a vows to be together once they graduated? As times goes by you got into financial difficulty and may not be able to finish your course. The guy decide to go work part-time to support your fees and by doing so could not catch up with the studies. You graduated while he fail to graduate. Days went by where you progress up the corporate ladder while he get stuck in his career. Worse of all he is getting demotivated and destructive of his own life … should you still stay for love or let go and move on for greener patch ?

In BaZi, Responsibility is govern by the wealth star while happiness by the companion star. This 2 force is indeed an opposing force. Wealth is the star that your DayMaster control, where you assert control and power over. This is the star that talk about being hardworking, persistent and responsible. Companion star on the other hand is the star that is similar to your DayMaster, where you feel most comfortable. It talk about flow, convenience and happy.

A person that has prominent wealth in their natal chart would of course choose the responsible path while those with better companion propensity would choose the happy path. Traditionally, a person is to sacrifice for the greater good and hence responsibility is value over happiness. the view of other first before you. If you look at a person luck pillar, during wealth luck they also have better propensity to finish anything they got into rather than turning to the easy road. While the opposite companion luck would set the person to a more chill mode and thinking that situation would straighten itself eventually.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 7.18.37 AMWhere the below chart show a person that would be rather responsible with high wealth propensity. This year energy however is swing in favour of companion star while reducing the influence of wealth. (natal vs annual). If likely to be given a choice, this year happiness would be chosen.




The tough situation here that even if the chart is driven toward a choice, that does not means making the choice is right in the eye of society. The mitigating force between companion and wealth clash is always the output element which means looking at option (EG) and having a “talk” (HO) about it. This is where activity like consulting and counselling come into play. If you are in a situation where you are torn in between being a responsible party of society or being happy to your own cause, maybe its time to get a neutral third party to step in.

Get another view of the situation. For us in the metaphysic line, this is where we use predictive tool like QiMenDunJia or YiJing to tap into universal energy for some neutral unbiased opinion.

BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/HO The Fashion Book


Fashion theme book or magazine must be one of the most outstanding publishing. its is often glossy page from the first to the end and in full colour. Nothing seems to be spared in the effort to bring the most attractive information to the reader eye. Its is often not possible to justified the cost of producing the book itself. The value is of course in the sales that it will potentially generate when enough interest has been created. Its not the information but the wow factor … the I want to be like that factor.

When DR meet with HO we have a little rivalry going on as DR counter HO. Hurting Officer (HO) is often uncharge of creating chaos in the person chart as they are the expressive star that communicate change and objection to the status quo. Its part of the creative family which means change is what it seek. People with stronger HO star tend not to be able to settle down and will see them attempting new project constantly. HO can be describe as someone with attention deficit and in a constant need to be assured with “did you see me”.

When DR/HO appeared in the year, they tend to be very popular among the public and peer as they knowhow to bring and display information to the public. Its one of the more crucial star combination where the DR indicate external support to their effort to bring viable knowledge to the market. Method that they choose might be loud and flashy, then again not too overboard as other HO combination might create due to the DR control relationship.

When DR/HO land on the month, they need to be seen at work or thing that they are working at become very apparent. They will announce their great plan to everyone like they are afraid you miss headline. The announcement would be rather constant and update can come very often.

When this DR/HO land on the hour, you might see a little flip flop in the person mind. The need to bring the ideas out versus if the information has been check out will play out. The mind is in a constant race to bring new ideas out but at the same time the mind also know that the new idea might not be substantiated.

DR tend to be a good pair when working with HO as this person can easily travel between historic information and creation of new content and ideas. It is the internal struggle where fact and fiction has not been clear that drive these individual up the wall. If you are ever in marketing type of line, you would somewhat need this combination to be able to drive result to the marketing effort.

E-commerce giant Alibaba celebrates 18th anniversaryMr Jack Ma has both his Year and Month with DR/HO combination and its telling how he has been advertising his internet empires since day one when he wanted to build up what we call Alibaba today. How can anyone forget his annual dinner concert which him doing the Michael Jackson and also the very reason fight video with all the prominent martial master.

BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/EG The Cook Book


How many way can you cook something ? A lot of way apparently when you have access to a recipe / cook book. Its always amazing to see how a person sued the same exact material and yet to be able to create something totally new and refreshing. Its a high art form to see the potential of a material “potato” and are able to bring it out in a presentation that most might have miss.

Eating God (EG) as the name would have suggest, has tight association with the gastronomical world. In the olden day, being able to enjoy a full meal is a total privilege where war, chaos and famine rule. This star has long been associated with the fine world of enjoyment and artistry. Today we call this the god of creativity where one are able to create new ideas and bring them into the real world as product and service.

DR/EG on the year pillar see a person that is externally fine and elegant. They have a knack of sniffing out high echelon outing and strategically place themselves among them. They impress the public with their massive knowledge on a niche subject where they are able to go deep into the matter and present new and profound angle for other to consider. Displaying truly as someone that is into the art.

While DR/EG landing on the Month pillar govern one work ethic. He would be a person of deep quality. He would spend time being knowledgable and an expert on the subject. Often subjecting oneself and those around them to higher standard and quality of work. Problem solving via innovative solution would be the underlying style of tackling any challenges. You have a problem, just invent something new for it and to most people amazement, the solution could just a a simple adjustment to existing solution.

Hour which govern the inner thought, while being visited by the DR/EG combination can bring a person into a universe of unbounded ideas. There is truly no limit when one retreat into their own imagination. Being a writer or a movie maker would most benefit this configuration. In the literary world, you can write whatever you want as you often do. to have to realised it, but out in the real world your ideas might not have the necessary technology advancement to execute yet. So, one need to still able to synchronised with reality.

This are among the rare breed that think all impossible and will do the necessary to make thing become possible. Provided that time and resource is on their side, they are never lack motivation and ideas to move forward. They are among the great city builder, trend builder and life builder. Just bear in mind that everything is first created in the mind and then created the second time in real.

DRonEG GianniVersaceMr Gianni Versace the mogul in fashion world has DR/EG on his month pillar. His work is know worldwide and has reach many heart and soul. He show true creativity over his career in leading the fashion industry and building a sizeable empire under his branding. He is bold in his design and often decide to take a different tangent from the crowd. His aesthetic “combined luxurious classicism with overt sexuality” work for many that seek a difference while draw fire from the few that seek tradition.

BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/FR, The Slam book

DR on FR

Once upon a time, before all this FB,IG thinggy … Slam book was the in thing to be pass around in school to collect information about your friend. It was an honour to receive the book as it means someone think you are their friend. It was also a harrowing task to start one. Your popularity can be judge by the sheer amount of record entry (much like the LIKE today). The book overtime offer a throve of information about a person and those around them … it also make a great stalker list.

Friend star is always associated with the ability to be personable and appearing non threatening. They are one of the best information gatherer around as they have natural tendency to find out about their environment, so they do not over stepped boundary and meet with cultural expectation. You can at time call them overly concern individual that can be a throve of information when the need arise.

DR/FR on the year would be the most desirable as the individual make it a point to know everyone around them. They are naturally great with name and just seems to be able to muster enough detail about everyone. They make great host when you need to pull people together and of course if you have a specific crowd to handle they can tell you exactly what to prepared to please them.

Month is where a person career sit and when DR/FR land there, you would expect a person that spend time understanding people in their work. Those boss that just know who in your family in currently sick, and those where their children needed the support. These people are great support at work and often excel in human resource type of position. on the flip side they don’t really do good in crisis situation and hence may limit their ability to climb corporate ladder as they are more people focus than task focus.

DR/FR at hour make a person more self focus. They are often conscious of what impression they send out to the public. They can sometime appear reserve and awkwardly out of place. Constantly taking in reflection of what is happening and making micro adjustment internally. Sometimes this cause a lost in identity for them which also means they can at anytime abandon their own persona and impersonate other.

A friendly, non threatening individual that has a great sense of observation and are able to collect data over time on anyone around them … a stalker in the making (lolz). They make great ally if you are the lazy type (to remember people) which also means they make great personal assistant. They make it a point to know all about you and hence can really serve you well.

AlexFurgeson DRonFR

Sir Alex Ferguson, name as one of the best football club manager of all time for Manchester United. He has DR/FR on his month pillar and for sure understand each team individual is his greatest asset. With enough information on a person you can literally motivate them on a customised level. Where your wife work, which school your kid goes and does your parent need special assistant.

BaZi 10-On-10 : DR/RW, The Traveling Guide


To travel around the world must be in everyone bucket list. This is indeed an activity that all should at least dream for but before you set out for the journey you need to do your research. For gaining insight to a foreign land, you cannot lack a copy of your traveling guide book. Most of us would be relying on internet for this now, they even have offline planner with map available … which is darn convenient.

Rob Wealth (RW) is the star of fun and joy. People do not like this star in the olden day as it is synonymous with being lazy and taking easy way out. They often take family fortune and buy convenience for oneself. Hei ! at least they are helping the economy with their purchase. In todays context the family fortune portion no longer hold true and the typical RW is just people that willingly spend for own convenience and still helping the economy.

When you have DR/RW at the year pillar, you meet someone with a rather broad knowledge of fun and games. They just seems to have all the entertainment trivia that is available. You might notice that their information lack practical application but yet you will be drawn into their world of carefree joy and excitement. This guy just seems to know what bring fun into your life. Very popular party magnet if you at least want a meaningful and entertaining conversation.

DR/RW combination at month palace carry his playfulness into the workspace. This might spell trouble to most professional setup as they may seems lofty with their knowledge. They are expert in lightening up the situation while looking for usable angle to take action. If you are truly looking for someone to shorten your lengthy process, this is the guy as he has the capacity to study the situation and at the same time efficient (lazy) enough to find the shortest route to problem solving.

Landing in the hour, DR/RW might bring a little issue with memory. Whats the easiest way to remember something ? … get someone else to remember it. I am guessing that it is fine in this time and space with availability of Google to do that, wonder how they outsource memory to other people in the olden day. They are great at taking pieces of information from other and quickly build (repackage) on them and deliver as a product.

Overall, as long as you are not really too serious with the situation having a DR/RW around can be fun and fulfilling. They are toxic to Wealth as both the DR and RW is anti (clash) with wealth. They bring the feeling of being lack of practicability and yet they can find some used on the most mundane information. You need to learn how to grow their sense of humour, they are mostly harmless and want the best for the team.

anwar ibrahim DRonRWAnwar Ibrahim, one of our country “prominent” politician which is poise for the next in line for prime minister (2019, unsure … lolz). His month is a DR/RW combination and have a very good flair in bringing out great funs speech in poetry form. Generally RW people done really work well in-front as they are more effective behind the scene.

BaZi Auxiliary Star – Great Sun 太阳 (Tai Yang)

GreatSunAnother one of the more popular of ShenSha star that is used for problem solving. Originate from the South and support Fire element (Bing), This star assist woman more as its primary functions is to enhance relationship matter.

Enhance Auspicious : Red Matchmaker and Sky Happiness, Golden lock, General star, Emperor star, Intelligence star, Traveling Horse, Pulling Saddle. 

Dissolve Inauspicious : Death Charm, Small Consumer, Drapes, Curled tongue, Brutal Defeat, Sky Adversity, Hook, Sickness charm, Piercing Rope

This is the star you would want to activate if you are having relationship related issue. Since most problem is somewhat generated by people and having this star help with the relationship, connection and networking matter. Great star for business people or sales staff as it help with building stronger ties with your customer. Excellent for customer service related activity.

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 6.18.17 AM

In-term of sequence its the animal after the said year. Take example this year 2019 is Pig year, so next animal is Rat which will take the Great sun. 2020 is Rat year and hence Ox will take the effect of great sun.