2 types of people that should avoid business decision making.

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Making business decision is one of the most stressful activity that you can ever engage into. This is especially if you have a sizeable team size and everyone is depending on you for their next salary. Some practitioner love to analyse “business luck” by using the business registration date (aka business birthdate) which is a grossly erroneous method. You see, business don’t make decision, people does and it is this decision that make the business sink or swim.

The convenient part of a business is that the decision maker can be switch around. Different department can make different decision that is inline of the organisation big direction. Who among your teammate should NOT be making big business breaking decision ? The answer hide in your BaZi when you look into the FLOW of the person chart.

This reading is done in conjunction with the luck pillar and annual pillar, hence its a rather advance method and need quite a fair understanding of BaZi. If you are not that familiar then you should seek some professional advise from available practiser near you.

Lets take a look at the comma g few years. 2019 (Earth Pig), 2020 (Metal Rat), 2021 (Metal Ox), 2022 (Water Tiger) and 2023 (Water Rabbit). This configuration of energy tell a situation where Water is over whelming and gross missing of Fire energy. Over-aching theme is high uncertainty and low optimism. The 2 party where their chart get relatively stuck and flow will be disrupted are those with the following condition.

Water is prominent in their chart. This can be a situation is a water DayMaster, Water is their main structure or simply having water element appearing in every pillar. They become overly confident and sensitive with everything around them. Just imagine you leaving the crucial decision making in the hand of a highly emotional and often overly confident person.

Fire is lacking in their chart. This again can be the DayMaster is fire or a situation where fire hardly exist in his chart. Having a dysfunctional fire is already a gloom person to begin with and now you throw him into the deep end of the water … he might just decide to let himself drown with out a fight. Its a rather high pressure environment where the person is overwhelmed by emotion and risk.

This does not means I advocate removing them at all, everyone luck fluctuate and its our job to identify what is coming and make necessary adjustment. You can always rely on other people where their chart is more stable in a high water and low fire situation and have them add toward the discussion. Just do not do thing alone and get the right people involve.


5 Essential Teams for your Business


Building a team of functioning people is one of the hardest activity for a business. Business often collapse due to poor team fit than anything else. It does not help that in the world of BaZi the team matching game has been reduce to merely matching animal sign for combine and what make thing worse is that the target pillar is often the person year of birth.

The year of birth govern his social sphere which has little to do with his work attitude and ability to deliver result. On top of that miss targeted intention, the animal sign itself changes as a person DayMaster differ, for example a Fire DayMaster Pig animal sign is very different from a Water DayMaster Pig animal sign.

When you form a team, the term functional become very important as each team member need to bring skillset and role onto the table. More importantly you need to know your stage of business need which mixture of people. So, let’s move into the proper way to used BaZi for building a dynamic team.

The information that you are concern is your team structure which of course consist of each individual structure. If you are using JoeyYap BaZi Plotter, the information on structure has been summarised on the lower left quadrant of the report. Just note that all 5 structure are required at one time or another.

Output Structure – These are generally the creative powerhouse. Their main function is to come out with new ideas and pull attention toward those ideas. Marketing and branding come as natural skillset. If your business is in the stage of growth where expansion and awareness is the main thing, then you cannot neglect this cluster of people.

Wealth Structure – These are the sensible value compass. They are all to making money which should be the main function of your business (sorry, fellow social enterprise). Generally speaking your organisation should have fairly stable supply of wealth structure people in all department especially Finance and Sales.

Influence Structure – These are your local tyrant and control freak. If the machine need running, they are the one you send to deal with it. Your business cannot run from delivering the product and service and hence they are the one to turn to for operational and service related matter. These are your business as usual team which is essential to ensure your business daily smooth running.

Resource Structure – They are the company safety valve. Their basic function is to monitor and control so that nothing go out of sync. Generally, account and admin will fall into this category. More importantly they are the main risk assessment and cause and effect expert of your business. They’re all fact base people and hence cant really argue with them when you really need reality check.

Companion Structure – These is the team glue and lubricant oil. Their main function is to smoothen all the above people edges. We usually make them Public Relation people and of course you Human Resource team. Their sense of surrounding is very strong and are able to quickly think in other shoe and hence coming in with a different perspective in resolving team difference.

So, the next time you want to used BaZi to build team, look for their role and not their animal sign. Like what chairman Mao have said, you are not looking for a black or white cat, you just need a cat that can catch mouse. If a mouse trap can do the job, cat also you don’t need.

3 red flags you should know as leader leader

3 red flag

We all go through life in stages and each stage bring new education and experience that let us grow and expand (hopefully, not your waistline). Businesses too move through rough patches of up and down. Good people leave your organisation while great product suddenly strike dead on the spot. What actually transpire that lead to these result ?

In BaZi when we study the incoming annual pillar with conjunction of your 10-years luck pillar, it give a fairly good picture of what theme you are facing. Many business leader  come for consultation on a yearly basis just to understand their dynamic. They would often bring all the key personal chart to get a picture of who is more stable for the year.

We are going to talk about the appearance of 3 of this setup that business leader should pay a little attention to. Please note that the person natal chart is being ignored here and not because its not important but it just at this moment interfere with your learning by introducing too many confusion. We are mainly looking at 10-year luck and annual luck

The appearance of Rob Wealth star (RW). The ancient people has never like this star at all, it is associated of being lazy. This in essence is the star of convenience which means it will try the best to find the easiest way to get anything settle (easy means as long as I no need to do). Often they spend their way out of everything, and as such if you are running through such a luck period, financial sense id not going to make sense to you. You can look into activity that overspend on unnecessary activity that only look good but bring no actual value to the organisation. They may get consultant in to do the work while you can actually developed your internal people to achieve the same result. They may buy physical asset that is hardly used while outsourcing may be a better choice. Please note that 10-year luck pillar can create permanent habit which is hard to fix.

Rob Wealth

Next there is the appearance of 7 Killing star (7K). This star is shun upon because the star directly attack the DayMaster and hence highly associated with death and defeat. The main drawback of this star is how the person look at the issue of risk. Only people with 7K will ever physically attack people and its crucial in the olden day to have this star for the front line soldier. Since we are “mostly” no longer is any warring state, this star has become the star of courage (often blind). The main issue in business sense is that the ignorance / lack of sense of danger. The person press on with their plan even when odd are stack against them, if you don’t put a plug on the finance, they can literally drain all your money to achieve success. The guy that spend 90,000 to make 100,000 and still tell you it was a resounding success. If it happen to be losing money, the fellow will have the cheek to say let’s try again.

7 Killing

Lastly is the appearance of clash on any of the 4 pillars. This indicate an issue that they have to take care of at that moment in time. It is really hard to say if the person can act professional and separate their internal / personal issue from work. If they carry the resentment or guilt into the business setting, their decision making quality is going to deteriorate.

It is not about isolating these people but it is more of a strategic support for them through the period of trying. When you are dealing with team, like the goose that fly south, we need to learn how to take turn on the driver seat. Those that have issue can go and settle their issue first while other carry the weight. When the time pass, their turn will come to carry weight for the other.

3 BaZi considerations before you embark into business partnership


One of the most common question that get ask during a business consultation is “Should I get a partner in business?”. Well as usual, it really depend on the objective of the said partnership. What does each party bring to the table ? I was advise many time that business is the fastest way to lose a friend and upset your family then they get involve.

Max & Jenny was a great couple and decide to go into business together. As usual there were strong bond and trust that they have build in their relationship. The business was a resounding success while the Max was the one driving the business and making magic happen. Max is constantly drunk with work while Jenny was drown with neglect. Jenny started another relationship with some in the office that was able to fill up her void created by Max. Business started going their separate direction, Jenny refuse to give up her share of the business, Max refuse to further grow the profitable business … the end.

Here is the thing with business partnership, its really cheap to get into but impossibly expensive to exit. When someone have share in the business, you cannot just push them out of the way even if they do not contribute to building the business at all. It get even more frustrating when the partner actually have a say in business matter.  Most people neglect the exit clause in a partnership agreement which is what landed the business in hot soup.

Let’s move into the BaZi portion as to how we used your BaZi to make inform judgement over your need of a “partner”. The main reference would be your overall structure that decide if you really need a partner in the venture you embark into.

Screenshot 2019-09-21 at 7.11.16 AM

First those with Companion and Resource Structure, which display a higher level of confidence. When (for lack of word) you are full of yourself, it is actually harder to work together with. Partnership will run into power grab with too many of these structure mingling around with each other. All are trying to display their superior intellect and see who can gather more support to their side. The do not pull their equal weight but rather put their weight in and generally slow the business down when opinion does not go their way.

Second consideration is those that have Output, Wealth and Influence structure. They on the other hand, bite way more than they can chew. Love to over capacity themselves with task as if the world only have them around. The usually have an issue of does not know (maybe shy) to ask for help. Partnership could really help these people out since they have more than enough to distribute out for other. The pull their weight and hence does not leave the arrangement in a lopsided situation.

Screenshot 2019-09-21 at 7.11.31 AM

Third point you should really consider is what role each of you play in the business. Everyone are good a some aspect where BaZi profile would highlight. Finding people that has different proficiency in their profile will complete the team. Concentrate on the top 3 profile for yourself and look for those with your bottom 3 high as a partner. This method help compliment your shortfall.

Applying BaZi to business is really not that difficult when you know what you are trying to do. The main qualm now is that most people get into partnership because they like that person and have good chemistry with them. Does likeness and chemistry make a person useful in business problem solving ?

I personally work in collaboration with other. Each do our part and take our share as per agreed term and walk off once the task is complete. There is no expectation that we would work again but yet we will look for each other when opportunity arises.

3 Business crisis you should not ignore

Business Crisis

Lets just face it, business does run into crisis from time to time. If you are in the journey of building a big sustainable business it would be irrational to expect no trouble. Many business go into this too great to be fail mindset and completely get blindsided by their business weakest link.

In this article we are going to look into the 3 most common crisis a business will go through and what preparation is required to weather through the rough sea. Let make a clear distinction that when you are applying BaZi to a business, the business itself is not relevant, some people make the mistake of using the business registration date to read … understand that the business is run by people, you read the people BaZi chart. We are here interested in the primary decision maker BaZi.

First there is the reputation or market crisis that a business is going to face. When you realised that old customer is not coming back to purchase your product, you would be facing this issue because they are buying from your competitor. The problem with this particular situation is that a business have a certain ruling cost which repeat sales sustain. When this repeat sales cycle get disrupted you run into cashflow crisis and this is the main death trap of most business. It is never the case of bad profit or poor produce, it is often the inability to pay creditor that kill a business. This is easily identify in BaZi when a clash happen in the Year pillar.

Then there is the management crisis. This is often mark by internal disagreement on the direction of the business. Sales can be great and company have plenty of money to manoeuvre but yet internally there is no conscious on where should the business go next. I imagine a boat there everyone want to grab the rudder and the rudder is now stuck in one direction and no-one want to let it go. This usually point to lack of structure or management hierarchy. The style of how the business should be run is not define and ended a clear blueprint. When this is concern the month pillar clash is a clear indication of a management reorganising need.

Lastly is the crisis of legacy. People don’t see themselves as a part of the journey and get disengage or more likely dishearten. When you have a row boat and the people refuse to row in sync … you will be loosing momentum and might likely be unbalance and rolling in circle. Vision issue is identify when the hour pillar is in clash and yet can be the hardest to fix.

So when you appoint a General Manager for a division or Branch manger for a branch, its good to at least check all their 3 pillars of Year, Month and Hour (hard to get a person hour, now you know why it is hard to fix). The detail of what to fix is in their respective 10gods translation since each of the 10 DayMaster can potentially meet with 60 different version of problem, not practical to discuss them all.

If you are interested on a rather long chat on your business, you can maybe arrange a coaching session.

3 things to check before embarking your entrepreneurial journey


Entrepreneurship is truly a fascinating journey in this current century. Never have you seen so many eager soul wanted to stepped out and venture on their own. Have you ever wonder what does it really take to become one ? Many would jump into the conclusion that capital is the main requirement (btw Wealth star in BaZi) and you would be surprise that capital is the least of the requirement.

Take a look around you on all the successful businesses, who provided the capital … its someone else (shareholder, venture capitalist, angel investor, bank). And think even more deeply why don’t these people that has the capital ever start a business but instead choose to place their capital in an entrepreneur hand. Lacking capital is clearly an excuse you should stop giving yourself and you are further dis-servicing your talent.

Let’s look at the 3 crucial reason for entrepreneurial success. The first is to have an idea. Yes, Idea is the life and blood of a business. Some call it innovation, some may call it breakthrough. In BaZi we are looking at the Hurting Officer (HO) star but why specifically HO ? Having an ideas itself is not enough if you don’t communicate the idea out and HO govern the general ability of a person to attract attention toward their idea. HO never mind letting people know about their thought even if the thought is not supported by fact. Just face it, all new ideas is factually unsound to begin with, iPhone wanted a unit that is without button in a time when other company is offering full range keyboard on the phone … fast forward today, you would frown on a phone that has even one physical button on the screen.  You not only need ideas but the ability to communicate the idea out … its known as pitching or storyboarding in entrepreneurs world.

Second crucial quality is the ability to take risk. Having skin in the venture is what the local boy would have call it. This rare ability to take risk is provided by the 7 Killing (7K) star in a person BaZi chart. You have to understand that entrepreneur sit at the bottom of the benefit chain. They get paid the last and often don’t get paid at all if the venture collapse. All the heart, soul, time and effort can become smoke in an instance of miscalculation. First to rush into the battle and the last to stepped out of the fight, that’s basically how gung-ho you need to be … 80hr a week for 3 years minimum before you can even smell the sent of a return.

Third and often the most neglected entrepreneur skillset / quality is the ability to pull people together and manage them in synchronistic manner. Entrepreneurship is often describe as a lonely / solo journey of isolation. Well if you begin out this way, no wonder you fail. The key trick is the ability to create job opportunity to other and make other people useful toward the business goal. Since not everyone can and will venture out (90% of the people will never abandon employment) so its the entrepreneur duty to use their talent to the best. This ability to identify and utilised other fall in the hand of RobWealth (RW). RW is really a master networking star that identify and zoom into a person core want and need. They then convert that into a deal that result in an exchange of effort

So either one the following (HO, 7K or RW) in your BaZi chart would make you a good candidate to venture out on your own. People with capital (money) is looking for one of those quality to invest into and hence money is never an issue. If you can communicate, take risk and manage … money would be lining up for you to take.

IF you find this article to be useful and know some of your friend that want to set out but is rather unsure, maybe you can tag this article to them as a thinking piece. Thanks

The best time to decide a career move

Should I change my career ? this is one of the most ask question in a consultation which rise an impression that most people somewhat dislike what they have chosen. There can be quite a few reason to make a move in your career path while its always good to keep your option open but dwelling too much and too often into this does distract you in contributing and growing the organisation that employ you.

From BaZi perspective we look into the push and pull factor that prompt a change in the person chart stability. In the olden day reading any involuntary changes is view as painful and carry negative connotation. You are not suppose to change your career as a farmer shall remain farming for the rest of his life, there should be no choice presented.

The target of reading for BaZi when it come to the matter of career would be the month pillar. Any condition happening to the month pillar denote a shift in your main working preference and hence can prompt a need to make changes as part of the harmonisation process.

When a clash of chart present itself, the person is subjected in an external change that resulted in their normal preferential mode of decision making become obsolete. This can be a change in the reporting line where decision maker has change and their old style not suited for the new regime. It could also means a shift in their overall portfolio of responsibility where new task that they are ill equip to handle or new team member that can be too dynamic join the foray and affect overall deliverable and productivity.

It can also be combine that presented itself where additional resource is made available to enhance your daily task. You could be give the necessary authority (promotion) to finally be able to dictate and control the situation. There should be necessary increase in team member that take the load off the team and also infusion of a mentor or coach that finally shed some light into an issue tat has been bothering you.

A change of career is often as easy as a situation where your current style does not work anymore and new method need to be learn and deploy. Many does choose to run away and hence change job inhale that can find a place where their old method still valid. This activity of switching might work initially but eventually everyone mature and notice that making a beeline to the company exit is not healthy. it is once you understand that all change is just a prompt for an upgrade that you would see the discomfort of change is telling that you should move out of a comfort zone.

If you wonder if you should make a change, just look at the interaction toward your Month Pillar that is bring upon by the Luck pillar or Annual pillar. Any combine or clash indicate a change in your career required handling style. The advise is to take up a bigger challenge and grow instead of trying to find a safe place to hide.