BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/DO Howitzer


This is a funny piece of equipment, extremely powerful by being able to lob artillery over a far distance but need to be lock down before being used. To the enemy, this weapon cannot be stop unless you can find the originating vehicle. Once the shell leave the chamber its all gravity, which make targeting non existing. The entire system work by systemically swiping the target area with shell and destruction is of course indiscriminate.

The 7K/DO individual work somewhat similar, being a problem solver but not very agile when situation rapidly change. They are good at solving large problem as they tend to systematically break things down into smaller sector to tackle and proceed religiously to decimate it part by part. 7K on itself can be very good with situational incident but when paired with DO, it make them ridged in how sequence things should be done.

Just imagine if there was a fire and the system is to start watering down the front door follow by the living room then the kitchen but the fire source is from the bedroom. Regardless of the ignition source, they will start with the door and proceed on. You can see that there will not be much of a house left when the sequence finally reach the bedroom. It is however good if you are doing diagnostic and you follow a fix sequence to rule out medical issue instead of jumping into conclusion.

Since year is the social realm  of a chart and its the more obvious portion of a person, you cannot miss their courageous attitude toward life while at the same time you can also see the need of order. This command a lot of respect externally and can generally translate into admiration as if the person have good control over thing. The caveat is that issue / challenges come one by one … if it flood from multiple direction, situation become unbearable to them. Adding new friend into their social circle actually create more issue than benefit. try to keep social circle smaller and easier managed.

Month is the working/career realm and its important to note that in larger corporation where SOP and protocol is prominent, they shine quite brightly. As long as you follow the predeterminant path, they solve problem no matter how tough it may seem. The main issue is when people trying to cut que in bypassing agreed upon approval process. They again do not work well in firefighting organization and yet quite adapted in eradicating pandemic corporate issue systematically. Their ability to tune out of distraction help them function in chaos corporate environment.

Hour is the person internal asperation realm, which mean, how you see thing should work from your perspective. Since you have somewhat control over what you imagine should happen it give you a certain advantage as you can tackle issue in any sequence you see fit. As long as you can establish early sequencing and maintain those under your control in a line, things should be fine.

Overall 7K/DO is one of the mixed bunch where they are willing to go extra miles to resolve problem but in condition that thing happen in a fix manner. Here is the irony, how many real life situation you have where thing happen in sequence? They should try to tackle chaos theory where there is order in chaos and nothing is ever random.

kate-spadeKatherine Noel Brosnahan (Kate Spade) fashion designer have a 7K/DO on her month pillar. Found her success and fortune in the 1990s handbag category. Her chart has a natal Shen (Monkey) – Yin (Tiger) clash which affect her social and marriage. Look like fame can really take a toll on people. Venturing into Frances Valentine show what is truly important to her.


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BaZi Workshop – Wealth DNA

DNA code

Date : 16 & 17 June 2018 (10am – 5pm)

Venue : 10 Anson Road International Plaza, Singapore. 

Detail and Booking : Aiken (+65 8251 5168)

In the study of a person BaZi is much like walking through a DNA code. Many of the person inborn talent and characteristic can be clearly define just by understanding a few simple points. How much joy would it bring if you were to approach every engagement with the necessary knowledge of how each member of your team function.

We would approach this class from the basic fundamental of DayMaster and how it later interact with the rest of your life aspect through the structure. With this skill set, you can quickly decide the right engagement style with those around you. The class will be structured toward wealth building which include team dynamic control and business mindset.

For the absolutely new learner, basic fundamental for BaZi would be cover in the first day of the class which include all the necessary production cycle, counter cycle and essential relationship like clash & combine. For those familiar with Bazi, this would add an additional layer toward structure analysis.

We would emphasis on the 10 different profile that each DayMaster would carry. Learning how to support them would give you the edge in managing you superior and people of authority while having to skill to control and counter them when situation arises.

I would be making highlights on why traditional reader make reference in those manner and how one should adjust the knowledge toward our modern world. We aim to enhance your life by giving you a tool that you can be used for a lifetime.

BaZi AUXILIARY STAR – Cascading Clouds (LiuXia / 流霞)


Imagine a tick clouds / Mist coming to engulf you, the fear and confusion of subsequent happening. This is not at all a good auxiliary star, the classic term this as red clouds or blood sha which denote massive blood lost or continuous blood flow. The elder generation can be quite dramatic with their description in order to send the fear of gods to the people having this setup.


The derivation is using DayMaster as the main reference point (there are still people that uses year stem) and a branch that can be in the Year, Month, Day or Hour would be tagged as The cascading clouds. Further to that, an element is also attache to it depending on the branch main element.

Jia (Yang Wood)  meet You (Rooster), Yi (Yin Wood) meet Xu (dog)

Bing (Yang Fire) meet Wei (Goat), Ding (Yin Fire) meet Shen (Monkey)

Wu (Yang Earth) meet Si (Snake), Ji (Yin Earth) meet Wu (Horse)

Geng (Yang Metal) meet Chen (Dragon), Xin (Yin Metal) meet Mao (Rabbit)

Ren (Yang Water) meet Hai (Pig), Gui (Yin Water) meet Yin (Tiger)

For example if you are born in the Wu Earth Day with a Si (Snake) month (May), that would make you having a Month Fire Cascading Cloud. It does not really give much of meat here … That is the issue with ShenSha, the fellow that write it has forget to explain the mechanic behind it.

As a remedy (also not really helpful) is to hope/wait for good star to neutralised it or do more good / charity and again hope divine intervention will recognised your act and rescue you.

Overall care need to be taken when cascading clouds decent upon you as the fog create unknown situation that blinded your vision. The male is told that indulgence in sex & alcohol can bring downfall while woman can suffer miscarriage which both can drive into situation where life can be easily lost.

Anyone that has done extensive research can help chip in to this, ShenSha is not really my preferred method.

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BaZi General : Battle Royal (George Alexander Louis)

George of Cambridge

Look at how cute the fellow is ! I am sure everyone love him aplenty already. Prince George here is the first child of Prince William and Catherine as one of the last remaining Monarchy system in Europe (even world). Although the system is not really in working condition but for comfort purpose many still respect and look upon Royal blooded as a guidance and inspiration.

George of Cambridge

George here have a fake vibrant chart which make his companion structure rather strong. Traditionally for being a ruler having Friend profile is detrimental to the empire. Friend profile personality has a lot to do with the entire concept of sharing and trying to fit it. As a ruler in a traditional sense you are suppose to take land and resource from other and not sharing it out.

His general personality is actually over caring which I think make a good candidate to carry on grandma (Diana) legacy of doing charity and bringing in good to the general society. Since fire represent hope and his early luck pillar is all fire related, it would also be fitting for him to be the pillar of hope from the place.

He does not really have much of his own opinion which make him easily persuaded by other to act or move in certain direction. If he were to be trained to be a competitive person then the table might turn around. Companion structured people is among the more confident of all the structured because they have people behind them. The issue is what sort of people is backing him.

On his own, he seek to fit in and hence they have the drive to do whatever necessary to be part of the team. They are usually unassuming and non threatening toward other which give them easy access into most situation and group. Play his card well he can potentially be a very popular figure head for the royal family.

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BaZi General : Battle Royal (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana)


Since she is using her grandmother call sign, I think people is expecting her to be an image of her grandma Diana. That would be a rather large shoe to fill little one. Life being a royal must be very stressful especially in the modern era being the last few still intact and surviving monarch. Everyone stalk their life and judge their action from the day they are born, they don’t even have the opportunity to fool around like most of us do. Hopefully you can still retain your smile while you grow up under such pressure.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 6.16.35 AM

First glance its an earth centric person with strong emphasis on rule and regulation. These are protector type of profile where she would try to make most people happy by ensuring existing rule keep running its course. Companion star (F / RW) indicate there willingness to share with other which signal she won’t be eying for the throne.

If she does not go for a statesman position then she would make a rather good corporate person with strong earth driving trust and confidence as well as the Yi wood helping in controlling and safeguarding power and authority. Her luck pillar is quite chaotic having both the wealth luck being stack against RW which indicated a spending lifestyle. The DE in the luck cycle happen to be her influence period also indicate an issue as output is being DE which is a controlling factor for Influence star.

Relationship is going to be her main bane with prominent appearing officer star (DO/7K) and multiple Friend star. This is a scenario of having too many choices but often get snatch away by other friend. This can cause a hollow effect in a person yearning to belong and splashing money to buy social life can be a way out for them.

Overall she would do much better in the corporate world than royal chamber. 20-40 is her crucial achievement period in her life and hope she do not waste it in senseless activity just to fit in. Do not think it make sense for her to want the royal chair at all.

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BaZi General : Battle Royal (Louis Arthur Charles)


Newest addition into the throne foray, what fate has install for him? In the olden society being royal blood is a big thing, especially when it come to ascending the throne. Its hard to actually grow up during those time as other eying the throne will try their best to ensure your demise become the coming of age. In today society, who care … being the child of people like Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg would give you more power than the Royal symbolism will ever give.

Royal Baby

Royal Baby. The official birth register entry of Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. Picture date: Tuesday May 1, 2018. See PA story ROYAL Baby. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire URN:36273899

So the birth cert does not record the time of birth …


So, the kid has a strong direct wealth structure with a natal Chen-Xu clash and You-Xu harm. A prominent Hurting Officer at month indicate his non conformity to rule and regulation. Look like a very typical difficult struggling life Chen-Xu indicate not many friend as his social circle could not mix with his career … well how to mix with a royal job? The harm of You-Xu also indicate unhappiness between spouse and his social engagement.

Steadfast way of handling most thing with a rather non aggressive approach. Luck pillar having wealth early at 14 – 33 which indicated an early achievement in life. Look like he is set to proof himself. with later Influence luck 34-53 which bestow him with formal authority and power. Tiny hiccup in the chart is the existence of Yi wood in the month which indicate sharing of power with sibling.

Looking at EG and IW being in DE indicate he is not the ambitious type and will likely only be assisting the throne in running the state affair. He will be at the peak of his power and influence during his Geng Shen pillar (34-43). Other than the slight non-conform attitude and tendency to share, he make not bad of a royal ruler. Definitely much more serious when it come to people affair.

Additional bonus. No major luck pillar clash with natal chart for at least the first 50 odd years of his life … smooth sailing if he just play the royal game well. Great potential and nice life. Have to control all his internal struggle only … life too easy so he have to make trouble for himself via the Chen-Xu and You-Xu.

BaZi General : Battle Royal (Meghan Markle)

Meghan MarkelCinderella story shall continue from the lady perspective. Has dear Meghan Markle landed herself a prince? She has been married once, no wonder the royal is crying outrage to dear prince Harry, hei love is love.


This rather strong lady Jia wood (Actually weak) here has a really prominent RobWealth structured which is well controlled by the DirectOfficer from the Year. In term of relationship she want the fit in type (Friend), idealistic fairy tail (EatingGod) and can be opportunistic (IndirectWealth) … sound like Henry can provide those stuff easily.

Lets look at the date chosen. Jia see DirectOfficer in Xin which is the Husband Star. Hai and Yin form a hidden combination on the spouse palace. This year 2018 the Xu also form a 3 harmony of Yin-(Wu)-Xu with the spouse palace. Its a good connective date for Meghan, did someone bother with date selection for her ?

Harry chart is lacking in the Officer star which is what needed to put his overly active RobWealth in check while Meghan can offer that aspect of discipline and control. If Meghan can bare a few year until Henry hit his 37 luck pillar, this could work out really well for her.

Clash for Harry only happen in 2026 while Meghan in 2028, that is about a solid 10  years to make thing work out well. Would expect a drastic change in the next few year as water represent Resource to Meghan. She would receive many help in upgrading herself to be royal worthy and in the process will be able to lend some discipline (I hope) to Harry. She is an actor anyhow … won’t be too hard to go into role for her.

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