BaZi 10-On-10 : 7K/IW, Unmanned Areal Vehicle

7K on IW

I personally think this is one of the best invented weapon platform ever. It was first design just to observe far unreachable place by taking still picture while flying over dangerous zone. Today it has been evolve into a multi weapon platform of attack that still retain its charm of having no human onboard. Every kid dream is to play with a remote plane.

The tag line for Indirect Wealth (IW) is strategic opportunity. Its a star that knows value and only take necessary and often effective action when the time is right. It has been long time been associated with taking advantage of situation. Classical text would describe this as a shrew business person making a quick buck out of the desperate.

The mixture of 7K over IW describe an  person trying to be patience. Often watching from the far safety ready to leap into action. They do not waste time with small stuff and are mostly on a mission. They planned out their attack way in advance making sure scenario are acted out in their mind. Later they just wait for the most suited opportunity to present itself and strike on it.

Having this appearing on a person year show that he is socially adapted to sniff out strategic friendship. They rarely simply network with people unless its for a specific reason. They might have staged the entire meeting if its required and you would also notice a rapid reaction time during engagement.

Having this landing on a person month show a really strategic and well plan leader. Their motto is least effort maximum return. The good thing of tagging along with the 7K is that rule often stay out of the command centre. Their approach is often consider all opportunity even if its not too “nice” type of strategy. So, work like corporate take over can become their forte as they work out the best angle of attack.

Hour being the internal processor a person, when this land in their mind create a rather quick but yet deep thinker. They think to create fast action template that can be deploy rapidly. Its about how fast you can identify something as being usable or not. By pre-thinking ahead of time, they safe time in the process.

Your typical 7K/IW person are strategic thinker. They often watch and appear to be inaction and hence draw little attention toward themselves. While they are free of the public prying eye, they plot their move carefully and slowly waiting for the window of opportunity to open. When the do sprung in to action, you would see that thing has been secure and done with lightning precision. Never assume the calm sea for being safe.

BruceLee 7KonIWBruce Lee famous for his martial art and life philosophy of being flexible and efficient. He has 7k/IW on his year. We can see how he often surgically strike an opponent either physically or mentally. This come from long time self reflexion and practice where one keep pushing internally for all possible scenario to respond to. once the optimal situation arise, jump on the attack mode and strike your opponent with all might.


BAZI AUXILIARY STAR – General Star (Jiang Xing / 将星)

General star“将星文武两相宜,禄重权高足可知”

(Jiāng xīng wénwǔ liǎng xiāngyí, lù zhòng quán gāo zú kězhī.)

We just love some ancient text … General star is capable in both scholastic and authority, money and status easily identifiable. The text is as cryptic as usual, very typical of the ShenSha system.

This star is derive from the 3 harmony frame which used the central branch as the focus point. Basically the branch that represent the peak energy of an element.

Year/Day Branch  General Star
 寅  Tiger , 午 Horse , 戌  Dog  午(Wu) Horse
 巳  Snake , 酉 Rooster, 丑 Ox  酉 (You) Rooster
 申 Monkey, 子Rat, 辰 Dragon  子 (Zi) Rat
 亥 Pig , 卯 Rabbit, 未 Sheep  卯 (Mao) Rabbit

So, for year 2019 which is a Pig (Hai ) year the general star is Rabbit (Mao ).

This star act like an enhancer or a turbo charger for everything when combine reading with BaZi 10 gods characteristic. If lets say a person General star is their influence star DO/7K, this give them high power and authority. DW/IW would translate into great social status (rich and affluent). DR/IR would give intelligence and resourcefulness. On the other hand negative effect would also be magnified where Clash, Harm, Destruction and Punishment come into play.

If you are interested in power play then this star is a must in a person chart as it exude natural commanding force and garner natural respect from people. Best place to have this in the year or month. Year govern public control while month gave you career advantage. Which means if you are born in one of the cardinal years then you already have a natural general star with you.

Business figure, public figure as long as you need to face and influence the general public then this star would come in handy. Luck pillar would means that that period where you become prominent. The star is also attaché with much hope and expectation from other for you to assist them and guide. Hence it is also a star of pressure.



BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/DW, Standard issue side arm


The trusty side arm, who would leave their home without one ? There are usually versatile all situation weapon effective for close range as well as medium range encounter. Its easy to operate with the tag line of “point and shoot”.

Now, Direct Wealth (DW) is one of the more popular star among the 10 available as its closely associated with the word wealth. The star is often sold with close association with money and this misconception has been propagated for sometimes. Its comforting to tell people that with such star that you can make money. In actual, wealth star measure your willingness to finish a task/job and hence able to exchange the finished product for money. Yes, like the side arm, you often see people “put an extra bullet in” just to be sure.

The mixture of 7K with DW give the person the courage and persistent to get the job done. Just wanting to get thing done sometimes is not enough but there are situations where one need to go the extra miles and make necessary sacrifices. For many, they usually stop short of that courage leap. The 7K/DW can go pass those line with relative ease and are willing to go pass it again and again. They will ram on the door until its open. Opportunity seldom escape them.

Having this in the year which govern all your social circle, see a person that carry the “survive at all cost” badge around. They are often the doer of the market, again and again showing persistency to survive what ever market can throw at them. They like to solve problem that have wide reaching impact to the society. You can see them often take up large scale project and go on achieving the impossible. You will net see them get stuck with one direction as they will have multiple different route to completing the job.

7K/DW falling on the month will build an effective corporate workhorse. You see those that plow through their work like there is no other life around them, You can start suspecting them as this combination. They are more than willing to take up risky task and pounce on them until it is resolve which make them a favourite in corporate problem solving world. Working with them is rather hard as they tend to show you how thing is done, keeping up with their pace is going to be the grand challenge. You are trying to see who can sacrifice more … well they can go just that little bit further.

Your hour govern your inner space, how you see the future should be shaped. The 7K/DW combination give the person this rather optimistic view that if they try hard enough ad if they sacrifice enough the result will be there. Unsure if this is a flawed mentality but then again its better than not tried and just give up. These are fierce father that protect their child future, which also means good luck being their child. They have high hope for their legacy and you shall not shame the family bloodline.

7K/DW are all occasion problem solver with a dash of persistency. Taking risk and pushing the envelope is what they do best. if they want to get thing done, it does not matter how much of their own life is pour into it. They do carry risk of reaching exhaustion point in their life. Some may see them as passionate while other might just call them overboard. Either way, this is a good profile to be included in your team as you would always need one of such risk willing dedicated people around.

7KonDO Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg, the man behind social media Facebook has a 7K/DW on his year pillar. His approach toward social is trying to be all inclusive and the mountain of challenges to keep platform afloat would have turn most average Joe away.



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BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/HO, Rocket-Propelled Grenade

7k on HO

Can’t get the distance with a grenade, strap it to a rocket then. Its primary design to take out armored target like tank in war, which make it the prime challenger of the stubborn. Its a popular weapon system due to its portability, ability to ditch out sheer power and the ease of operation. Point, shoot and see thing fly … with a large chance of collateral damage.

7K in itself is already an extremely volatile star and when it is partnered with the Hurting Officer (HO) which scream for attention, you have a chaotic pairing. The basic natured of any HO is trying to get some attention and additionally they look at rule and regulation as if they are roadblock that need to be remove. The combination signal a person that lack overall respect toward what has already been build by other. They can simply do thing just to satisfy their need to make a point and may be overlooking the actual repercussion of their action.

When this combination appear in a person year pillar, he is a person that is often seen as a rebel. He have a natural liking to stand out in public and often have opposition view toward what public would term as normal. You can imagine a child that is throwing tantrum in public, those that is kicking on the floor and spinning their body around. They are good at highlighting issue and making thing obviously apparent, its just their sense of judgement that is in question.

If this pair appeared in your month, then you are looking at one of the most effective marketer around. They have the ability to draw in attention which is extremely important in both corporate and business world. Risk is nothing at all ! imagine how closed a RPG user need to get to a tank, just to shoot it. If they have done something, anything at all … they ensure everyone know about it. They climb the corporate ladder fast and their business prominence gain traction equally fast.

When this pair reside in the hour of a person, you get yourself a mad scientist. They don’t mind prototyping their crazy untested ideas. Since the pillar govern thing that they have full influence on, their potential future impact is great. They can revolutionized an idea and become a potentially strong thought leader. Here is the catch, they change their mind … very often. You would have issue filling the gap and following the pace, this lead to ultimate frustration as it left a stench of disappointing aftertaste.

Generally, this combination signal a person that has courage to embrace changes and most importantly jump in head first to lead the change. They are not afraid of bad publicity and actually enjoy the limelight. During times of oppression, it is these type of personality that spark and drive movement of massive change. Their core issue lack of judgement when selecting a cause to represent. During times of peace, this individual is really a pain and distraction to progress.

Anwar Ibrahim 7KonHoAnwar Ibrahim , one of Malaysia rather prominent ex-opposition leader has a 7K/HO combination appearing in his year. Know for his bold approach to initiate reform that he was put in jail for it. Now that reform is going in the right direction as the old government regime has been topple, will he stay on course or start creating headache for the new team?

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BAZI AUXILIARY STAR – Red Matchmaker (Hong Luan Tao Hua / 紅鸞桃花)


Have you ever wonder when is the right time ? Been with this partner forever and nothing seems to be progressing ? Suddenly feel the need to get hitch ? This star might be playing its influence on you. Classical BaZi / ZiWei place a lot of importance in this star when it come to determination of suitable marriage time. When this star appear, one is susceptible to falling in love and are totally open to marriage.

The classical verse go as such :


Okay, you can’t read … me too … just churn it into google translate … its just a verse to determine which branch meet which branch resulted in red matchmaker.

Red Matchmaker (Hong Luan Tao Hua / 紅鸞桃花)

Year/Day Branch

Other Branch

Zi (Rat) Mao (Rabbit)
Chou (Ox) Yin (Tiger)
Yin (Tiger) Chou (Ox)
Mao (Rabbit) Zi (Rat)
Chen (Dragon) Hai (Pig)
Si (Snake) Xu (Dog)
Wu (Horse) You (Rooster)
Wei (Goat) Shen (Monkey)
Shen (Monkey) Wei (Goat)
You (Rooster) Wu (Horse)
Xu (Dog) Si (Snake)
Hai (Pig) Chen (Dragon)

For example, 2018 is the year of Xu (Dog) which make Si (Snake) the Red Matchmaker. Anyone with a Si (Snake) in their chart easily fall in love and would naturally agree to a union. So, next year (2019) is the year of Hai (Pig) which make Chen (Dragon) the Red Matchmaker, Anyone with dragon in their chart would likely fall in love. (going fishing anyone?)

When apply to your own chart, you can either used the year or your day branch as the reference point. Traditional used the year as ShenSha method is very pro-year. Personally I used day since its a partner / romantic relationship matter which is what the day govern. I am born on a Wu (Horse) day which make You (Rooster) (yes, I am talking about YOU…) my Red Matchmaker. People with red matchmaker in their chart generally truly fall in love while appearing any given year will signal their desire to hook up. When it appear in another person chart, they tend to love that person even more.

Interm of actual application … Never go find your own red matchmaker. Its unimportant that you want to get married, it is always if the other person want to. So, lets say you have Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake in your chart … please go find people that are born on Ox, Rat, Pig or Dog Day. This help ensure they are madly in love with you. If you can find each other Red Matchmaker then its the best. Further is to ask for their hand during their red matchmaker year (at least month if time is of essence).

Side note : some of you that are quick in BaZi would notice that half of them result in destruction. Madly in love is a form of addiction and it can result in crazy spiral of destruction.

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BaZi 10-on-10 :7K/EG, Assault Rifle


I have personally always love the assault rifle because of its versatility. High power, single, semi or fully auto mode. Able to link with other firearm like a grenade launcher. Good in long, medium and even close range situation. A lot of thought has been put into this piece of equipment to make it durable and multi functional in vast variety of situation and setup.

7K star is notorious for being single track minded. They are among the most effective executor because of their ability to see everything as a nail … and they shall hammer through every situation … regardless of its appropriateness. When the creative force of EG is thrown into the foray, the 7K now understand options. They are now willing to try out other stuff and not just relying on one single method to get things done.

7K/EG appearing on the year pillar indicate that the person is socially agile and able to deliver result depending on requirement. Their friend circle is diverse and are not picky about character disposition. They understand how to mix with different society level whether its from the dark or light site of the road. This is one of the true personality of being street smart, they find way to get stuff executed without over exerting on the people around them. Stubborn enough to want it done but yet more than willing to compromise the method and result.

7K/EG appearing on the month pillar give you a rather versatile entrepreneur. They are adapted to find solution that fit the situation. They can downgrade or upgrade their requirement and standard at will and hence able to deliver at multiple requirement point. Project management is sorta their sweet spot when it come to career choice. Its difficult to challenge them as they can always get thing done themselves but yet they will try other venue or method first before reverting to getting their hands dirty.

7K/EG in the hour pillar show an inventor mindset. Prototyping is their thing and you will notice that they have started many different project but then unsure if they are ever going to finish any of them. Their mind mostly work on part of a larger construction and hence you see many unfinish small part. One day they might put those seemingly unfinish thing together and complete something majestic.

Overall the 7K/EG combination is the most functional and sought after paring for a 7K star. The aggressiveness of the 7K star is being curb and control by the creativeness of the EG star. We cannot deny that the courage that 7K give to a person help them reach higher goal in a faster pace. We just often dread the chosen path or method that the 7K often take which is destructive and hurtful.

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BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/RW, Claymore mine

CLaymore mineSome explosive devices have more purpose than other, as they have a direction of destruction. Its important sometimes to know who are your target before being aggressive. Being unidirectional instead of multidirectional contain the destruction force toward the intended target/enemy.

7 Killing (7K) is generally an aggressive star that is not look upon as auspicious. It has a very high volatility factor and often ignored risk (able to take in more risk) when compare to the other star. Rob Wealth (RW) on the other hand want to avoid hard confrontation and find easy way out. This mixture of personality give them a strategic aggression profile. They do not take action unless its to their advantage, as in there is always a purpose to what they choose to do.

When 7K/RW appear in the year, you find yourself among the more popular leadership persona. They know how to carefully position themselves and take up all the necessary task that elevate their social status. They can gather support and lead just enough that it look very much like a group action. They have good natural leadership magnetism being courageous and charming at the same time.

The month govern a person work attitude and when 7K/RW appear in the month you can expect a potent corporate figure. They know how to play the political game and they are more than willing to execute all the necessary plan. Imagine placing a directional explosive waiting for the enemy to walk right in. They can be the first to the task, as so it will inspire other to take up further task. Slight caveat is that they will choose the easiest task to volunteer themselves for and in hope other will pickup the harder task.

7K/RW fall into the hour make a person expose to more extreme thinking. They tend to want things fast and hence thought are mostly about shortcut. It is fine when they are demanding on themselves but it become an issue when they impose such standard upon other.

This is overall one of the more functional 7K combination when it come to personal gain as they will not involve other into their path if you are not useful to the overall plan. The chance of dragging innocent into the foray of execution is very low. At the same time, if they see you are an integral part of they plan then it is also hard to escape their clutches. Somehow they will make you involve and drag you into the mud.

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