BaZi AUXILIARY STAR – Eight Seat (Ba Zuo / 八座)

Eight Seat

When you are offered a seat to attend an important function which normally is off limit to the uninitiated, you are experiencing the effect of Eight Seat. According to the ancient text when HuangDi pass away, there were 8 strong men selected to carried the coffin to its final resting place. Okay, no one ever say they came back alive … but then again to be trusted with such important task they must be some significant people that the emperor trust.

Modern term is to be offered a place (seat) in the inner sanctum / circle of an important or affluent club or group. With the star landing on your chart either via your own birth chart configuration or a visiting annual pillar, it means, that year you have a good chance to join the club. If you are not doing any socialising then naturally there is no club to join and hence wasting the effect of the star.

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 10.57.24 AM

Landing in the year would means exceptional social experience being able to finally joint that group of people that you wanted to be connected to. Landing on the month is of course great to be finally joining the elite management group or the winning group. Having in the day can means married into the affluent family and finally at the hour will land you in a think tank group that might serve to shape the future.

So this year 2019 is the year of PIG 亥 Hai, which from the above table indicated that the branch that receive the eight seat is PIG 亥 Hai. Next year 2020 with the visiting RAT 子 Zi, the branch that receive the Eight Seat is DOG 戌 Xu.

PS : Seriously, the text never talk about getting out … you better know what you are getting into.


BaZi 10-On-10 : RD/IR, The Encyclopedia



One of the more fascinating publication of all time (which is now obsolete) would be the encyclopedia. It is a collection of whatever possible information on vast topic of interest whether its fictional or non fictional. Its is basically a compilation of what need and not need to know which has been now conveniently replace by our search engine (Google, Explorer and such)

Indirect resource is notorious for being nosy and often go seek at places that they should not. Its the master of observation art where they are not there to obtain information but to see pattern. Its a big picture type of star that is much more concern on conceptual information than actual hard fact. Their often keyword is “how interesting”.

People with DR/IR in their year is often knowledgeable beyond their own field. They are intrigue by many aspect of life and are often very diverse in their pursue of knowledge. Jack of all trade, master of non would be a close representation of their mental power. They seems to be able to contribute toward many topic on a surface lever but when probe further you see them dwindling away in muddle senseless conversation.

When DR/IR appear in the month, you have a rather good investigator. Cover all ground is what they do, they will look into many aspect of their work even if you know its completely useless path. They are just curious of what they might find and this often cause issue if its a time sensitive task. They make an awesome auditor when they are dispatch to the field, a real pain when they are auditing you.

If this appear in the hour, which I personally think its the best place for this combination to stay, create a through thinker. Since thinking happen internally, very little damage can be done to the external environment. This star also represent the mother and hence the detail care it bring toward the development of next generation. They would be best to come out with education syllabus to educate the next generation.

RD/IR are all purpose thinker or processor that can handle most intelligent situation and yet don’t really burden with the need of detail. Its much easier to work with them if you can go beyond their need to get curious and often miss the crucial deadline while chasing down a path that is obviously useless. No dull moment having conversation (small talk) with them as they can handle most topic of interest.

NameWee DRonIR
Name Wee, one of our local artist from notorious to oppress and to fame. He has been a great inspiration to many of the local struggling young talent that even in the onset of total oppression that you can still find success. He has DR/IR in his year which show often in his ability to get knowledge and help from public to settle many of his self induce mishap over the authority. His song range and overall talent is diverse with rap being his signature liking. Continue to make Malaysia proud !

BaZi 10-on-10 : DR/DR, Dictionary


Dictionary must be one of the most robust book ever created. It has everything you need to know about a language and yet it almost tell you nothing. When you encounter someone that seems to be able to recall everything and yet seems hard to understand what he/she  is saying, then it is safe to assume you have encounter a walking dictionary.

The Direct Resource star is formally a proper assistance star that guide people with their formal knowledge. When you stack them together you get someone that is rather factual base or book smart. Flexibility is not something that they practice often and it is often safety above anything else. They work very well with anything historical or pre recorded which make numbers and data their main fall back for any decision making.

When you see DR/DR in the year, this is your standard waking dictionary. That goto guy if you need some factual confirmation. They often amaze the people around them with the depth of their knowledge and can probably churn out quite a few complex text verbatim. This however does not means they understand what they are actually verbalising, they just happen to have good memory.

When you have DR/DR at the month, you will see a rather meticulous thinker or analyser. You can see someone that bis rather stubborn with fact and figure when it come to anything that need to be done. Everything seems to be revolving around the word confirm and supported. Working with them can be rather slow but then again you can almost ensure safety and prudence through the entire journey.

When this combination land on your hour, you meet a person that like to data load on other. They love to supply people with information and data, so to ensure they can make proper judgement. They are not stingy with their experience or knowledge and in an opposite mamma can be seen as overly enthusiastic about it. they are like your mother that remind you a dozen times over the same exact thing.

They are overall great custodian of information and are highly regarded in the olden day as intellectual. As the advancement of technology this role has been taken over by “Google” and have making them a little obsolete. They are great story teller churning out knowledge that you might not have. In this modern time, they need to evolve to make themselves more relevant or will end up like the cassette player being replace by MP3 player.


JeffProbst DRonDRJeff Probst, the host of Survivor has DR/DR in his chart at the month pillar. He won a few years in a row Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program.

BaZi General : 2019 and beyond…


It come to the time where people scuffle with the question : what should I do next year? It is also time where metaphysician churn out endless animal prediction (its popular). Since there is sufficient resources out there that cover the Earth Pig (Ji Hai) out there, I have decided to look beyond 2019.

For those that is familiar with the 60 JiaZi system (This is how BaZi record time), the coming 5 years 2019-2023 carry water energy throughout. Ji Hai, Geng Zi, Xin Chou, Ren Yin and Gui Mao is what coming up. When water is going to be prominent in a 5 years span, logically it become harder to avoid the effect of water toward your chart (specifically the DayMaster)

Fire energy have it the hardest since water is it’s counter element. The main theme is restriction. Industry that belong to fire will see increasing law and sanction being impose to them and their expansion being halted. Fire DayMaster will see increase of trouble and challenge landing on them. People just seems to continuously bring issue to the table to be solve. Good or bad depend on how much you love power and authority. Leveraging this well you become a leader of the pack by taking charge of the problem and subsequently resolving it. This earn you respect and trust.

Earth on the other hand see tremendous opportunity ahead. Jobs are coming toward them that it create a feeling of drowning. In period of uncertainty (water) thing tend to gravitate toward trust (Earth). Earth industry where they have been supportive or trusted all this while becoming increasingly popular. Those that has strong recommendation or historic track record become primary winner. Earth DayMaster generally does not like hustle and bustle type of situation especially when people want things fast. If you find it becoming too much to handle, the natural remedy is to redirect the water flow toward someone else.

Metal will get the opportunity to shine as water act as the polishing agent. Fame and “maybe” fortune is growing. Metal industry will start to gain significant and should be used to build reputation. If you are into branding and image then this is the best time for you if you happen to be in the metal industry. Metal DayMaster tend to look for more expressive opportunity. Those that are naturally shy will start to emerge and be warm with the entire idea of being famous. The new age of “influencer” will be helm by the metal people. Have something to show the world or you will feel extremely naked.

Water goes to a stage of competition as more water are introduce to the playing field. Water industry become increasingly popular and more competitor mushroom to take up the pie. Territorial expansion is one of the main game if business survival is in question. Water DayMaster should practice corroborative work with other. Instead of trying to push each other … try working with each other instead. Wave are much stronger when that move in sync.

Wood seems to have lesson that need to be learn. They will at least learn that staying put is not really an option. In a period globalization, there is no option for business that refuse to venture outward. Wood industry either grow bigger (expand) or risk being wash (uprooted) away. Wood DayMaster need to learn how to seek help and subsequently be teachable. Its time for an upgrade of your base skillset and at the same time evolve to match the surrounding situation. Your agility determine your survival.

Winter has long been associated with death and hence water bring the feeling of unknown. When one look into an ice field, how many would still think life exist ? In actual sense its just a dormant period of life where one be ready for the melting of ice. Those who lost hope will miss the opportunity while those that prepared can strung back to life once situation change.

Economic side note : if 1997-1999 and 2007-2009 was a bad economic year … why do people still think 2017-2019 will escape a downturn ? Good stock goes on sale, get your shopping cart ready.

BaZi 10-On-10 : 7K/IW, Unmanned Areal Vehicle

7K on IW

I personally think this is one of the best invented weapon platform ever. It was first design just to observe far unreachable place by taking still picture while flying over dangerous zone. Today it has been evolve into a multi weapon platform of attack that still retain its charm of having no human onboard. Every kid dream is to play with a remote plane.

The tag line for Indirect Wealth (IW) is strategic opportunity. Its a star that knows value and only take necessary and often effective action when the time is right. It has been long time been associated with taking advantage of situation. Classical text would describe this as a shrew business person making a quick buck out of the desperate.

The mixture of 7K over IW describe an  person trying to be patience. Often watching from the far safety ready to leap into action. They do not waste time with small stuff and are mostly on a mission. They planned out their attack way in advance making sure scenario are acted out in their mind. Later they just wait for the most suited opportunity to present itself and strike on it.

Having this appearing on a person year show that he is socially adapted to sniff out strategic friendship. They rarely simply network with people unless its for a specific reason. They might have staged the entire meeting if its required and you would also notice a rapid reaction time during engagement.

Having this landing on a person month show a really strategic and well plan leader. Their motto is least effort maximum return. The good thing of tagging along with the 7K is that rule often stay out of the command centre. Their approach is often consider all opportunity even if its not too “nice” type of strategy. So, work like corporate take over can become their forte as they work out the best angle of attack.

Hour being the internal processor a person, when this land in their mind create a rather quick but yet deep thinker. They think to create fast action template that can be deploy rapidly. Its about how fast you can identify something as being usable or not. By pre-thinking ahead of time, they safe time in the process.

Your typical 7K/IW person are strategic thinker. They often watch and appear to be inaction and hence draw little attention toward themselves. While they are free of the public prying eye, they plot their move carefully and slowly waiting for the window of opportunity to open. When the do sprung in to action, you would see that thing has been secure and done with lightning precision. Never assume the calm sea for being safe.

BruceLee 7KonIWBruce Lee famous for his martial art and life philosophy of being flexible and efficient. He has 7k/IW on his year. We can see how he often surgically strike an opponent either physically or mentally. This come from long time self reflexion and practice where one keep pushing internally for all possible scenario to respond to. once the optimal situation arise, jump on the attack mode and strike your opponent with all might.

BAZI AUXILIARY STAR – General Star (Jiang Xing / 将星)

General star“将星文武两相宜,禄重权高足可知”

(Jiāng xīng wénwǔ liǎng xiāngyí, lù zhòng quán gāo zú kězhī.)

We just love some ancient text … General star is capable in both scholastic and authority, money and status easily identifiable. The text is as cryptic as usual, very typical of the ShenSha system.

This star is derive from the 3 harmony frame which used the central branch as the focus point. Basically the branch that represent the peak energy of an element.

Year/Day Branch  General Star
 寅  Tiger , 午 Horse , 戌  Dog  午(Wu) Horse
 巳  Snake , 酉 Rooster, 丑 Ox  酉 (You) Rooster
 申 Monkey, 子Rat, 辰 Dragon  子 (Zi) Rat
 亥 Pig , 卯 Rabbit, 未 Sheep  卯 (Mao) Rabbit

So, for year 2019 which is a Pig (Hai ) year the general star is Rabbit (Mao ).

This star act like an enhancer or a turbo charger for everything when combine reading with BaZi 10 gods characteristic. If lets say a person General star is their influence star DO/7K, this give them high power and authority. DW/IW would translate into great social status (rich and affluent). DR/IR would give intelligence and resourcefulness. On the other hand negative effect would also be magnified where Clash, Harm, Destruction and Punishment come into play.

If you are interested in power play then this star is a must in a person chart as it exude natural commanding force and garner natural respect from people. Best place to have this in the year or month. Year govern public control while month gave you career advantage. Which means if you are born in one of the cardinal years then you already have a natural general star with you.

Business figure, public figure as long as you need to face and influence the general public then this star would come in handy. Luck pillar would means that that period where you become prominent. The star is also attaché with much hope and expectation from other for you to assist them and guide. Hence it is also a star of pressure.



BaZi 10-on-10 : 7K/DW, Standard issue side arm


The trusty side arm, who would leave their home without one ? There are usually versatile all situation weapon effective for close range as well as medium range encounter. Its easy to operate with the tag line of “point and shoot”.

Now, Direct Wealth (DW) is one of the more popular star among the 10 available as its closely associated with the word wealth. The star is often sold with close association with money and this misconception has been propagated for sometimes. Its comforting to tell people that with such star that you can make money. In actual, wealth star measure your willingness to finish a task/job and hence able to exchange the finished product for money. Yes, like the side arm, you often see people “put an extra bullet in” just to be sure.

The mixture of 7K with DW give the person the courage and persistent to get the job done. Just wanting to get thing done sometimes is not enough but there are situations where one need to go the extra miles and make necessary sacrifices. For many, they usually stop short of that courage leap. The 7K/DW can go pass those line with relative ease and are willing to go pass it again and again. They will ram on the door until its open. Opportunity seldom escape them.

Having this in the year which govern all your social circle, see a person that carry the “survive at all cost” badge around. They are often the doer of the market, again and again showing persistency to survive what ever market can throw at them. They like to solve problem that have wide reaching impact to the society. You can see them often take up large scale project and go on achieving the impossible. You will net see them get stuck with one direction as they will have multiple different route to completing the job.

7K/DW falling on the month will build an effective corporate workhorse. You see those that plow through their work like there is no other life around them, You can start suspecting them as this combination. They are more than willing to take up risky task and pounce on them until it is resolve which make them a favourite in corporate problem solving world. Working with them is rather hard as they tend to show you how thing is done, keeping up with their pace is going to be the grand challenge. You are trying to see who can sacrifice more … well they can go just that little bit further.

Your hour govern your inner space, how you see the future should be shaped. The 7K/DW combination give the person this rather optimistic view that if they try hard enough ad if they sacrifice enough the result will be there. Unsure if this is a flawed mentality but then again its better than not tried and just give up. These are fierce father that protect their child future, which also means good luck being their child. They have high hope for their legacy and you shall not shame the family bloodline.

7K/DW are all occasion problem solver with a dash of persistency. Taking risk and pushing the envelope is what they do best. if they want to get thing done, it does not matter how much of their own life is pour into it. They do carry risk of reaching exhaustion point in their life. Some may see them as passionate while other might just call them overboard. Either way, this is a good profile to be included in your team as you would always need one of such risk willing dedicated people around.

7KonDO Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg, the man behind social media Facebook has a 7K/DW on his year pillar. His approach toward social is trying to be all inclusive and the mountain of challenges to keep platform afloat would have turn most average Joe away.



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