BaZi 60 Pillars – Ji Wei 己未, Adventure Track

Dirt Bike Track

A place that is meant for crazy adventure and it was design to keep you safe. Ji Wei is like this dirt bike track, where common interest people come together to display and hone their skill while remain in a relatively safe and control environment. You let down your hair and nothing else matter, you and your next jump, you and your next landing.

Ji earth is the caring earth. They are often associated with farm filed where growing crop that feed other. The element is very adapted in the art of giving and are often resourceful as they hide things in their belly. Being toil is something they are rather used to and you would see them display this in life as someone passive toward other people using them. Mother (Mother Earth) is the usual example of this habit of being overly accommodative toward people around them. We all know how we have been exploiting Mother Nature and yet there seem to be no retaliation from her … as yet.

Ji here is seated on a Wei (Goat) that carry the main Qi of Ji earth (Friend) and sub Qi of Yi wood (7 Killing) and Ding fire (Indirect Resource). All the 3 stars are those of more emotive in nature with IR being the intuitive one. They can do many crazy and bold thing just for friend sake. Relationship for female see the Friend star and 7K star which is not that great considering Friend star has the ability to take away DO (Husband) while 7K indicate short relationship. Potential will end up with a situation of friend with benefit.

Wei combine with Wu (Horse) which drawn in the energy of Ding fire (IR) and Ji earth (F). Overall for relationship is rather neutral for both the gender. The main theme is still being compliance with his/her surrounding. if everyone is attache, very likely they will emulate by being attach as well. If all their friend is still single, they will not dare to go into a relationship fearing ostracised by other.

Wei Clash with Chou (Ox) which carry the main Qi of Ji earth (F) and Sub Qi of Gui water (IW) and Xin metal (EG). IW is the girlfriend star for male and hence they might be an issue with a typical Ji Wei in beginning a relationship. Xin as EG star often translate into exclusive style and here we see a rejection relationship happening. The typical Ji Wei is very down to earth and are often very hard to be spotted as they strive to blend in.

We have a person here who are crazy enough to go where ever you are going. Take those unnecessary risk with you. All this without much need of a return but for your acceptance and approval. They make really good silent partner in a business for they are the one that will give you support while not hindering your decision making ability.

Notable Ji Wei 己未 public figure, Ashley Judd


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BaZi 60 Pillars – Geng Zi 庚子, Alluring Siren

Geng Zi

Much like dropping a stone into a pond, it make quite some noise. For those that is curious enough, these sound act like mesmerising song of the siren luring you into the centre of the pond, where the unknown await you. Geng Zi have this ability to attract, lure and mesmerised people around them. Their natural ability to control voices set them apart from other.

Geng metal is often used as the symbol of Justice as they are rather impervious to changes and hold strong ground. Once they get forge into a sword, they took on the hard challenge of ending dispute. Sharp weapon have one task which is to cut. So, it is of no surprise that they are build to get thing settle and end all that has been started. Their natural ability to turn their heart cold helps in many way as the ultimate decision is often hard and u comfortable.

Geng is seated on Zi (Rat) that carry a singular energy of Gui water (Hurting Officer). The peach blossom star play a crucial role in sexual attraction and Zi happen to be a promise of dream. Like the mist which you cannot grab and own, they come as they wish, stay as long as they want and will leave you without an explanation. Hurting Officer is the star of attention and glam, they love the spotlight.

For the lady, the appearance of HO spell trouble to their relationship as HO clashes away the DO (Husband) star. Their often vocal stand in the relationship make it hard for the man to respond appropriately. Once another choice appear, it become easy to abandon the relationship and go for the easier one.

Men are less affected by the HO star in a relationship, in effect it actually enhance their wife star (DW) as Output grow Wealth. Here you are facing with a guy that know how to sweet talk his way into a woman heart.

Zi combine with Chou (Ox) that carry the star of Ji earth (DR) as well as Gui water (HO) and Xin metal (RW). Both the male and female relationship wrecking star is present. Smart, expressive and competitive it is not hard to find them attractive and hence you will find that they attract relationship issue rather easily.

Zi clash with Wu (Horse) that carry the energy of Ding fire (Direct Officer) and Ji earth (Direct Resource). Here the Husband Star is push away and couple with the earlier attraction of HO, relationship for female Gang Zi is really hard to come by.

Overall this pillar is rather bubbly when it come to social occasion. They have the ability of getting people to surround them. Even with the attention that they have acquire, feeling alone is often what they struggle with. They are very good at bringing out point in their conversation, when it come to

Notable Geng Zi 庚子 public figure, Evan Thomas Spiegel

evan spiegel snapchat Geng ZI

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BaZi 60 Pillars – Wu Wu 戊午, Shifting Earth

Wu Wu

What happen when the very ground that you stood start to shift and change? It is often hard to know what is happening in the bowel of the earth. Shifting of the tectonic plate might be rare but once it decide to make a move there is little you can do to resist it. Wu Wu is one such person that look calm on the surface while building up the strength to for the eventual shift.

Wu earth is the element that symbolised eternity. It is the oldest element on the planet and will stay long after all other element has disappear. They are very good acting as the defender of status quo as they understand from experience, over the long run any changes does not matter. They stood their ground and wait for everything to pass. What they have is patience and the stubbornness to ignored everything around them. One thing you can be assured is their reliability, no matter how far or long you abandon them, if you ever decide to go back, you will be sure to still see them standing tall like a mountain, at the exact same spot that you have left them.

Wu is seated on Wu (Horse) which carry the primary Qi of Ding fire (Direct Resource) and Ji earth (Rob Wealth). Resource is the rejuvenating star and this indicate their ability to come back if they encounter setback. Ding fire represent hope and enlightenment and hence they are usually well studied individual with massive amount of hidden knowledge. Rob Wealth here for male spell issue in relationship as this star push the Wife star away. They have this hidden need to compete and stand out.

Wu combine with Wei (Goat) which carry the Qi of Ji earth (Rob Wealth), Ding fire (Direct Resource) and Yi wood (Direct Officer). The appearance of DO for female signified the husband while for male, Rob Wealth again spell separation for the wife star. The male counterpart have issue expressing themselves which might contribute to their ability to retain a relationship while female excel due to their ability to keep thing hidden from people around them.

Wu clash with Zi (Rat) which carry the singular the energy of Gui water (Direct Wealth). This sort of drive a nail into the coffin for male relationship as the pillar push the wife star away. For someone that place importance to history, he is sure afraid of commitment. The rejection of wealth also show their tendency to shun asset accumulation. They are the intellectual type and peddling their knowledge for money is just so not appealing to them.

There is a sheer amount of stubbornness in this pillars. They have good ability to learn and yet decide to just keep knowledge hidden and tuck away. This pressure that they put themselves in will eventually crack their own surface and cause a major shift in landscape. Most earth people make great friend as they are good listener and keeper of secret.

Notable Wu Wu 戊午 public figure, William Shakespeare

WuWu Shakespeare

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BaZi 60 Pillars : Bing Chen 丙辰, The Crimson Dragon

Bing Chen

Sunrise, upon the  majestic forests. Dense forest can often be a hard place to manoeuvre, especially when your direction is obscure. It is when the sun is up that you are the best progress in the maze of life. The sun not only help people find a way it also ensure the continuous growth of the forest itself. Bing Chen person is all about survival and sustaining, they often find way to outgrow themselves and bringing other along the way.

Bing is the magnanimous energy of the sun. Its is the unlimited ability to give and generate with the added bonus of n to requiring a return. They are often open with their agenda and are rather lousy with being a conspirator. They have this believe that their ideas need to be share with everyone and hence you often see them on a mission to inform and inspired other of their way of life. On the flip side, this light has no off button and hence its not really possible to ask them to stop … they often carry on their program with or without you.

Bing is seated on Chen (Dragon) which carry the energy of Wu earth (Eating God), Yi wood (Direct Resource) and Gui Water (Direct Officer). All three energy is class under the gentle noble star that benefit the DayMaster. EG give them the endless creativity and a idealistic outlook of their own future world. Direct Officer give them the obedience to follow through while Direct Resource give them the necessary knowledge to punch it through. Lady benefit more in relationship as Husband Star (DO) exist in their chart, EG also represent a Child Star.

Chen combine with You (Rooster) that carry the singular energy of Xin metal (Direct Wealth). This is an encourage meant to male as they do strive for a permanent partner with the appearance of wife star (DW). It can be said that chasing for progress and completion is one of their passion. This also means they have little time for romance and all those sort of nonsense.

Chen clash with Xu (Dog) which would repel the energy of Wu earth (EG), Xin metal (DW) and Ding fire (RW). For the male, repel of DW usually spell the resistance to marriage as DW represent the wife and at the same time RW is also repel which is usually the breaker star of marriage. This indicate their focus is else way and that they would not spend too much time in pursuance of personal romance. When was the last time you see the sun settle down?

This pillar carry the energy of new experience and possibility. Their focus is often not the normal pleasure or security that we seek. They want to see something new overtime they rise as how the forest has grown and change since the last time the sun rise form the horizon.

Notable Bing Chen 丙辰 public figure, Mr Brian Loo

Brian Loo

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BaZi General : Chart Crossover

crossoverDoes chart for 2 persons generally cross over ? lets say that I have a horse and she has a Rat … does this cause a Horse-Rat clash between us ? The simplistic answer happen to be NO. Your chart situation stay within you while my chart will remain as mine. Although superhero on TV, now often crossover … we don get to do such tag team in life.

Think about it, Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Pig have self punishment, does putting a bunch of them together cause massive self-punishment? Just imagine the chaos of school handling student of those years … entire class from Std 1 to Form 5, would be a nightmare situation.

What actually crossover is their attitude which is largely determine from their 10 gods. Lets say a person with high Wealth star but a weak DayMaster, they cannot possibly control the wealth star and hence result in wasted effort. While you are a Strong DayMaster lacking in wealth, you can actually work together with this person and leverage on his wealth star (that is wasted).

Lets just take a light example of Steve Jobs vs Ron Wayne.

Steve Jobs the Bing fire DayMaster should have supported Ron Wayne the Wu Earth DayMaster? Ron receive 10% of Apple stock and was sign as one of the co-founder in 1976 which is his Direct Wealth luck period. There is a (Shen)-Zi-Chen harmony combo and a Yin-(Wu)-Xu harmony combo between them. This should work quite good for Ron but yet Ron did not see the future of Apple as Steve did.

Further looking into the 10 gods we can pull out the following. Steve is a Output person while Ron is a Companion person. Companion produce Output, couple that with the fact that Ron is a strong DM while Steve own companion star is rather buried, Steve can now utilized Ron excessive Companion star generating all the necessary connection.

The next round you try to find someone, pay attention to the 10 gods interaction and not the element interaction or the relationship. People with excessive Companion still remain rather dangerous due to the case that Companion concur Wealth, these people can literally drain your money away.

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BaZi 60 Pillars – Yi Mao 乙卯 We are legion


When you like a flower, pluck it but when you love a flower you will leave it alone. Some people are rather fragile when they are alone but gain strength as their number grow. Yi Mao is on of such person that seek comfort by the side of their comrades. Don’t you try to bully them when they are banded together !

Yi wood is the symbol of gentle flower and graceful grass. The element is one of the most approachable element. People with this element is often socially endowed with the ability to sense and adjust. They are often non threatening and you will feel right at home with them around you. Their greatest asses is their ability to blend in your environment, does not matter if its a down to earth setup or a high net worth party, they will be able to dress the occasion and act the part.

Yi is seated on Mao (Rabbit) which carry a singular energy of Yi Wood (Friend). When they are with their friend, their confident naturally soar. People that are seated on a friend star would usually have long term relationship issue. This is due to their rather easy lifestyle as they treasure “friendship” above all other. Its very easy to be closed with them but its hard to be special to them. You, to them is just one of the many supporting associate and you will get confuse over time as they treat everyone with the same intimacy.

Mao combine with Xu (Dog) that carry Wu earth (Direct Wealth), Xin metal (7 Killing) and Ding fire (Eating God). For the male, its actually encouraging with the appearance of Wife star (DW) and further strengthen by Eating God which is often a romantic star. While the lady still see their Boyfriend star (7K). This combination will show an aggressive tendency when it come to matter of love.

Mao clash with You (Rooster) which carry the energy of Xin metal (7 Killing). For the lady  this push away the boyfriend star. Easy come and easy go but this is actually rather good for those that manage to convert the lady to their wife as the rejection of boyfriend give security but then again you have a hard of friend to deal with.

Being gentle and lovable has its own perk while appearing vulnerable has its drawback as well. Lady with this pillar are highly encourage to take up self defence as you will find it hard to ward off unwanted advances. Couple with your need to be accepted, there is a real high risk of you being pluck like a roadside flower. Mao also hold the risk of uncivilised punishment when meeting with Zi (rat) which often cause sexual related scandal.

Notable Yi Mao 乙卯 public figure, Faye Wong


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BaZi General : Strength of Elements


Strength of an element can often decide if the element itself is actually functional or its just a crippling factor to your chart. This is not to be confuse with your DayMaster being Strong or Weak. Each individual element in the chart draw strength from each other depending on their configuration and the stronger (stable) the element the better they are at performing their required task.

Following are their possible combination and relative strength from strongest to the weakest.

Pure element

Pure element

This is when you have the element all together in the same pillar. Fire on fire, Water on water, Wood on wood, Metal on metal and Earth on earth. Pure elements are always the best as they are not muddle with impurity, they are clear of their functionality.

Cross element

cross element

Next is when your element is not located in the same pillar but across 2 different pillar and yet both are the main Qi. We often call this as a rooted element as the heaven stem has a corresponding earthly branch as the root. Connection can be between any of the pillar Year, Month, Day, Hour and even your luck and annual.

Penetrating element

Penetrating Element This one is when the connection is between the stem and a sub Qi. Its not as exciting as the above 2 main Qi connection as sub-Qi itself is already not that strong but then again the appearance of a heaven element act as a support to the sub Qi. Think of it as a hand pulling you up from the water when you are about to drown. Needless to say that connecting on the same pillar offer better strength than a cross pillar connection

Branch only

Branch Only

Here you have element only appearing in the branch without any heaven stem connection. This is often being describe of a situation where you have talent in certain areas but other people just don’t seems to see it. There is an opportunity factor here where an appearing stem from luck or annual will bring the talent out.

Stem only

Stem Only

Converse is when the element only appear on the stem without any element in the branch Main / Sub Qi. This is call a good first impression but might become a hollow ending. The element might not be able to perform as there is no branch support. We describe this as people with superficial ability (NoActionTalkOnly)

Missing element

This is easy enough, that the element is completely void from your chart. Since its not there, its of no concern. A blind person will never know colour and will not miss colour as they have never seen it. We usually used the term low/no affinity but don’t mistake that they cannot used the element, but just under normal circumstance, they would miss whatever opportunity that the element bring … its just unimportant to them.

Sub Qi only

sub Qi only

In this situation, Ding (fire element) only appear in the Xu as a sub Qi. This lone ranger element is particularly troublesome. Its not useful and yet its still there. Its like carrying a family history out on the street. “Thats the son of a thief” … You cannot really used the element but yet it had to be there poking at you.

If you see 2 charts and one is clearly performing better when given same situation, the strength of the element might be the reason. Its important that you check the element strength before recommending the usage. Each has its Achilles heels and some are worse than other.

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