The last one you should keep as a friend are those that look upon the sky and give you guidance on life beyond the material need. We are all well-verse with things that we can see and touch but we all know that life is more than beyond the physical. Understand that as much as we think that the world is random and chaos there is a certain order that come with it. We have our forefather to thanks after observing the sky for many years they have establish pattern or a cyclic cycle of what happen.

Contrary to many believe that astrologer / metaphysician do not actually fix a situation, we fix the view / perception of the situation. Many run into issue in life just because they are not prepared for the situation or rather stay in the arena of denial. Worse when they have the view that they can buy their way out of their predicament. We help to do alignment with energy or the cyclic cycle. Put you back on track, so to say.

When you look for a metaphysician then you might want to pay attention toward his Output star as this star has to do with a person ability to see the future. This could also translate into a functional fire element as this element is the element that govern happiness, hope and inspiration.

Alternative is to get a good Companion star person as this star help with the support factor and being able to empathise and stand by your side during g those crucial moment of lost. Water element would be a great asset to have as this element encompass wisdom and ability to merge and match their surrounding.

Have you identify your 4 crucial friend yet ? Doctor (Health) , Accountant (Money) , Lawyer (Law) and Metaphysician (Life).

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Someone to protect your wealth is the 3rd person to keep as friend. I would like to broaden the classification because the traditional view is to get an accountant, but I feel a financial planner, wealth consultant, banker (very important to leverage money), all and any people that can financially guide you.

Having a good or proper financial sense is crucial no matter where you are although people keep saying that health is wealth. Health is by default given to most people for free and you don’t even have to work for it. For the grand majority of us, we don’t get wealth handed to us and we have to first acquire the right wealth mindset before we can actually accumulate it. If you have time, I highly advise you to sit down with a financial planner and have a chat … don’t just think they want to sell you product. They can accidentally open your mind …

Back to BaZi, of course this would be the realm of Wealth star. People that has a functional wealth star are accustom to own and accumulate. They want control and they understand the concept of exchange of value. Wealth is an attack element as in BaZi for which element that you control is your wealth. When you talk to a wealth guy/gal, you will see how quick they determine the point of exchange … if you want A what you need to give up to get A. In actual its not always money but money happen to be the universal common exchange point.

From element point I prefer Water element as a wealth advisor due to their broad coverage sense. Water have a natural high sense of risk and amazing ability to get even. They find footing much faster than any other element and hence w=hen the financial world shift they are the fastest to make the necessary adjustment to stay balance with other.

lazy people guide is to get a Wu earth DM with a wealth structure as your advisor, this dude would be the most protective financial advisor that you can get and most amazing part that they will not go after “your” money. when is the last time you see mountain chase water ?

BaZi : 4 Friends you must keep #2

Pulse DIagnostic

The next friend that you should find is a healer / doctor. They are essential part of your network that will help ensure you have the top of body function to properly achieve your goal. Health issue is really like the relationship of fish with water … you wont notice it until its gone. You need a healer around to assist you to see some symptom and habit that really require adjustment.

In metaphysic, the star that help repair you is there Resource star and hence the friend you select for this crucial role need to have a functional resource position. Would be great if he is a Resource Structure person or going through a Resource luck pillar. Resource people are usually more careful and tend to acquire more knowledge than other which make their practice more reliable.

When you are looking from the element side, medical is split into 3 separate element depending on their practice nature. Metal is the common classification for medical profession which would involve cutting or poisoning you to fix your problem. This is generally what we call western medicine (surgeon). Metal carry the character of being precise and high value which is what a surgical profession of then need and cost.

The TMC or eastern medicine counterpart take on the Wood element where their main method involve herb. Wood have a growth character which indicate the repair of your bodily function. It is about providing the right Qi for your body organ so it can continue its normal function.

The last group are Earth element that often do not cut you open or drug you up, they are just care provided or QiGong practitioner. Earth is a protective element that give you isolation and so allowing your body to rest.

All tree of them play their role in health maintenance. You have to be practical with your situation … if you have stick that impale you, for goodness sake don’t go look for a TCM, no matter how many batch of medicine you take will not remove the stick. I somewhat attract quite a number of energy healer friend which already signal that I have an issue at the energy level that need alignment.

Have you found your healer friend yet ?

BaZi : 4 Friends you must keep #1


There is just too many rule for one to properly keep track and hence the existence of lawyer. I know they often have bad reputation for being played as unscrupulous and win above anything, as the saying goest “lawyer can never tell the truth”.

Lawyer is crucial when it come to ownership protection, whatever you purchase, a lawyer will be involve as there is an agreement that need to be sign. I know you are accustom to clicking the the “I Agree” button without reading the actual EULA, but that is not an excuse in real world. No point going into court and cry I don’t actually know what I sign, its not going to fly.

From a BaZi point of view, how can you judge if the lawyer is competent or at least have the correct bite force. Please don’t try to judge them from their qualification because what they study are old law and what often happen in real world are creation of new regulation on daily basis.

Metal is crucial in judgement (metal is the element of justice), either Geng or Xin will do but I often like Xin metal as it represent the Duo Gua which is the speaking Gua. Xin also have a refine way when it come to battle handling unlike the brute force of a Geng. Of course if you engage in criminal situation then get a Geng metal. The Xin can be the DayMaster or being the prominent useful element.

Second consideration is a functional Influence star. Influence star is what govern rule and regulation which is what law is playing with. If you are mostly commercial / transactional base then a Direct Officer will be great but if you are more on the offensive side then get the 7 Killing version.

If you are super lazy, a Yi wood DayMaster born in Autumn (Aug-Sep) would be a great lawyer friend to keep.


Hiden Friend

I am back again to put some nail onto the age old argument of animal sign … ever heard of the secret friend that usual astrologer will recommend to you? now lets look a this in a more technical way to understand if really animal sign is such reliable way to make a reading. By the way, secret friend is nothing more than 6 combo in BaZi term.

The 6 pair of animal combination are Rat-Ox, Pig-Tiger, Rabbit-Dog, Rooster-Dragon, Snake-Monkey, and Goat-Horse.

Secret Friend

Now these 2 BaZi chart is purposely customised to show that they are combine chart of Ox-Rat at year and Tiger-Pig at month, technically speaking they should be best of team in accordance to the animal secret handshake theory.

Same Blind spot

When you dwell into the detail construct of their functionality, you can see that they  have similar strength and similar flaw. Both Direct Wealth and Direct Officer are equally strong while the Indirect Resource is next to none.

We see 2 person that is very hardworking and obedient but is hopeless in data forecasting and trending analysis. This is like putting 2 person that cannot swim on the same boat waiting for disaster to happen. Because of the equally strong direct wealth, they would tend to be in power struggle with each other trying to control each other, hence rolling boat on their own direction.

So far you should understand that its the DayMaster and Season of birth that drive a person BaZi to act / react in certain manner. the animal sign is nothing more that a representation that carry the hidden stem which need the DayMaster to make interpretation possible.

BaZi : You still want to read the Animal ?again !


So the year of Mouse / Rat just kicked off officially in Feb 4th. It is those time of the year where the dreadful question keep popping up.

“I am born in the year of Rat, how is my luck?”. 

Let this piece of article explore how many rat exactly is there when you ask about rat and you should understand why this question is just irresponsible if answer as such. To begin with, there are actually 5 basic versions of rat (its call Zi 子 which carry the literal meaning of Son which should explain why people rush have rat baby hoping it will be a son).

We have the Geng Zi 庚子 Metal Rat, Wu Zi 戊子 Earth Rat, Bing Zi 丙子 Fire Rat, Jia Zi 甲子 and Ren Zi 壬子 Water Rat. by simple logic you would have already know that they are very different.

Lets up the analysis a little by introducing the DayMaster. The DayMaster is the element that decide your overall functionality. A car effectiveness is decided by the driver. So the Rat is just potentially a car (5 different model of car, sedan, compact, SUV, truck, van) and now you pair with different driver which going give you a very different driving attitude.

There is 10 different DayMaster and this would make 10 x 5 = 50 different combination.

Different Zi

Above, I have plotted for you the 5 example of the 5 different DayMaster and you can see the 10 gods translation just change. You just imagine trying to tell the 7 Killing (7K) fellow about the year vs the Friend (FR) fellow, its naturally going to be very different but to the uninitiated its still a metal rat. wife drive a truck vs husband drive a truck, would you expect the same performance ?

Now what if I change the season of birth which would give you 4 different season of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 5 (rat) x 10 (DayMaster) x 4 (Season) = 200. The season augment a chart element intensity.


above 2 example are both Metal Rat with same Ding DayMaster but one its born in Spring while another in Summer. You can already see that the element distribution become very different where the spring dude have high Wood intensity while the summer dude have better fire intensity.

By now you should know that asking about how your year of birth is next to not helpful in deciding your year direction or “luck”. help send/share this article to all you friend (especially relative) that like to ask how is my rat ?

Yearly animal sign book seller is going to kill me soon … lolz. Nothing wrong with buying those book … it still help the economy and you know the economy need your spending to thrive.

BaZi : You still want to read the Animal ?

Jack Ma

Every Chinese New Year people goes into this frenzy of reading the animal sign. Here is the question how far can animal sign actually give you sign and sight into a particularly year ? Its like looking for people that look alike to a certain successful people and assuming that they will become successful too.

Here is an example for you to reflect, both the chart A and B has the exact same Animal sign.

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 6.26.57 AM

Both has Rabbit, Snake, Tiger and Rat in their respective Hour, Day, Month and Year and the luck pillar is exactly the same as well … by logic of animal sign reading, should these 2 individual be experiencing the same life cycle ? You and I clearly know that is not possible for them to treat the year happening the same.

Hence one should stop asking question like … “I am born in the year of the Rat, how is my luck this year?”. The answer is an astounding I DO NOT KNOW since the animal sign really carry next to no profound information.

So what actually drive the different between 2 people ?

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 6.27.27 AM

I have highlighted how the 2 individual look at the subject of Wealth and now you see the difference between them. Individual A does not prioritised wealth from 30yo until 60yo while individual B make wealth his priory as early as 25yo until 55yo.

Which among these 2 individual would likely be having a better quality of life ? The one that strive in his prime year or the one that only realised after 60 that he need money? and yet both of them would have the exact same auxiliary star following them throughout their life.

For those of you that have attended my workshop would know the answer is not as simple as it seems. The right answer is that A have a much more pleasant and fulfil financial life than B would ever have. But … but. … but … Chart B has better wealth luck. That is the different between a more experience interpreter and a novice advisor.

Please don’t be too excited with your animal sign and at the same time do not need to be grim that Monkey and Horse seem to be at the bottom of the luck train in this year of 2020. Do engage a professional reader if you want to know your chart full functionality.


Knowledge Deep Dive


Have attended class after class and yet not seems to be progressing ? Theory don’t seem to be hard but yet unable to apply appropriately ? That one step over the ledge seems scary and unattainable. Have you ever have these feeling when learning any new skillset ?

Maybe the issue is that you are still at the surface of the water, holding on to the safety of the river bank. Doing deep diving is a way to enhance one basic knowledge as you go deep into the knowledge pool to understand what make thing work.

It is a hard process to obtain knowledge in the olden day as knowledge are not readily or easily pass down. Since literacy is very low, the only method of transmitting knowledge is through verbal and hence one memory need to be rather good. Information is made cryptic and require some time to settle and digest before any form of understanding can be achieve.

People like the concept of “luck” as they don not need to put in effort to obtain the necessary result and hence the popularity of asking “is my luck good”. Problem only exist because one lack knowledge to tackle the issue. Your problem is never unique as the 7  billion population must have some that has already been through your challenge and conquer it. Your issue iOS that you have no access to the knowledge that provide the solution.

Knowledge Gap

Your Natal BaZi tell you about your innate knowledge while the luck pillar highlight the knowledge required during that period. When there is an alignment issue, we call this bad luck. its bad luck is only because you cannot effectively learn the required new skillset in the olden day. Today is much different, it now all about going to get the required knowledge to tackle the new challenge.

Understanding luck pillar and annual pillar become important for the sole purpose of preparation. As long as you understand what is coming and prepared the necessary, then the period become lucky. You can make every period lucky if you so wish provided you are open to learning and are willing to disregard your natal chart natural tendency to gravitate.

from 2020-2023 is all WATER element prominent year … what is water to your natal chart ? Do you have too many or is it a situation of too little ? Can water be a welcome addition or is it now a burdensome nuisance ?

I would love to start a workshop/class on some of the topic that worth deep diving into so more consolidated information can be given. If you have done some metaphysic (BaZi, FengShui, QiMenDunJia, YiJing or FaceReading) and can contribute some topic here, that would be much appreciated. I have setup a Google form to collect some data > CLICK HERE < if you are keen to help out, please click the link.


2020 for Xin DayMaster

2020 Xin.jpg

Thought leadership will the theme given. It is going to be a year of agile change and innovation of idea over your close rival. Competition is going to get very real this year and yet it is going to bring in much fun and excitement. Having the thought leadership role its your duty to move the mind of everyone around you toward a new height and explore area that has yet to be touch.

2020 Xin BaZi

In 2020, Xin DayMaster is presented with RobWealth (RW) and EatingGod (EG) which are both enjoyment centric star. The natural tendency of Xin is to seek attention and want to be better than other and this year they are going to be expose with many comparison opportunity. Rivalry at a healthy level will naturally bring up the leadership ability of the individual, now there is something strive for. While eating god help with the finer point of live, it is still a star that is rather intelligent.

The opportunity : To outsmart your rival would be the ticket to victory. With the assistance of Eating Got you will not be short of brilliant idea and couple with Xin natural showmanship ability to attract you will not be short of audience. Since the companion star is also fans star, it would further rise your platform when it is used in the correct manner.

The risk : falling into the trap of being boastful and only indulging into senseless social show off. Since RobWealth like to be better then other it start to et out of hand when you compare senseless things with other like the brand new car that your friend bought. If you compete at that level you end up buying a new car and proceed to custom fit the car as well thanks to the Eating God need to enjoy fine thing.

Stay Motivated : Staying humble is where the earth energy come into the picture. Think of it as the polishing sand paper that is going to help you attain more shine. Bring everyone up a notch with your new thought and ideas that you are seen as their source of inspiration.

Xin has one of the more interesting interaction for the year 2020 as its more about upgrade of people around them. This process can only be meaningful when the upgrade elevate them to the next level of function. Else its still going to be a very fun and happy year as they enjoy being centre of attention among the level of people that they choose. The tougher rival you choose to lead the higher level you will be able to attain.

2020 for Jia Wood DayMaster

Jia 2020

Grafting is when you take one tree and join it to another tree. This is often done so that a good trait of one tree is preserve through the sacrifice of another tree and together the become a much better tree. Getting forcefully move to another place or team might not be a great experience at first but ensure that your experience and skillset will improve the new environment as a whole.

Jia 2020 BaZi

2020 see the appearance of 7 Killing (7K) for Jia Wood which is often synonymous with stress and trouble and yet accompany with Direct Resource (DR) which is learning and experience. Chinese would call this “bitter first, sweetness later” (先苦后甜) situation.

The Opportunity : Its a great year tot take that ultimate leap of faith to embark into an adventure that you would like to start but somehow find that you have lack of courage. Fellow tree does hate change a little more than other DayMaster. Sometimes transplanting yourself into a new environment might not be that terrible of a situation. The new place will offer you a larger ground of expansion and growth.

The risk : One thing about the rigidity of wood is that they resist stress and change rather fiercely and at time would rather break in half than to yield. There is a real chance of sousing physical harm to oneself if not manage properly. This is especially if you have a Horse in your chart.

Staying Motivated : The way to get this done is actually to immerse into your new environment where you let  Ji Earth (Direct Wealth) the new soil nourish and take care of you. Embrace the new responsibility and make it part of yourself where you will thrive and shine.

You need to have some trust that the power above do not move you for the sake of moving you around. They might really see you as someone that can contribute and even lead the new environment into greatness. To further your success, some uncomfortable change might be inevitable.