BaZi General – Is destiny dead ?


Lets have something light today, destiny … after so many millennium … does it still work ? This is often a question that all practitioner will come across one point or another. After doing substantial number of consultation, those that progress forward with their chart boil down to a simple word of choice.

In the olden day, we have limited choice. If our father is born a fisherman, we will die as a fisherman and our son will be a fisherman. The chances of you ever changing career is non existence … alternative is join the never ending war as a soldier. Now, you can be anything you like, as long as you have the right learning attitude. You can surely find a course to be a baker or in some odd case, like me, join the metaphysic industry.

There is typically 3 method to approach your BaZi destiny, the older style like to focus on one style. Just imagine you are in a constant state of war where killing is a norm and one dynasty just get replace by another overnight … wouldn’t peace be what you wish for? Hence the balance method was deploy and become a practicing default.

Since you are in a modern world where most of us have not even experience a single second of war (watching TV don’t count). We all should be a little more aware that there is now real choice that you should practice. Destiny don’t run your life, you choose with the guidance of destiny.

Typical method 1 : Path of wealth

This happen to be the simpler method as you just need to identify your wealth element and pursue a career in that industry. The caveat is that most people mistaken wealth as money (maybe because its cooler to label it a wealth instead of hardwork). In the olden day, a farmer that farm more, a fisherman that fish more and a trader that trade more have more produce to sell and hence accumulate more money. Its the hardwork that result in you able to exchange for more stuff. For an employee, this method is a little counter productive as your salary is fix no matter how much you produce. So, blindly chasing wealth is not a good method for all … you will just end up having more work to do.

Typical method 2 : Path of progress

This method is not too widely used as it was believe that only certain chart people can pull it off (super vibrant / follower chart). We chase after the strongest element (not to be mistaken with strong DayMaster) in our chart and place our self in that particular element industry. This method is uncomfortable as it go against the mighty comfort zone. You would need to quickly learn several skill just to balance yourself on this bike that is going down hill. You will eventually pull yourself far ahead of other and become so in demand that you are the only copy available.

Typical method 3 : Path of fulfillment

This method result in a feeling that you have done something to the world … you have contributed. Its the old method of balancing your chart. Here you are not looking for progress or money but a state where you can assist other in attaining their potential. When you are not moving forward you have time to observe other. When you are detach from the hustle and bustle of life, you can think. Its a noble path which we will choose once we reach a certain age.

Although most of us do not have war to fight but there is still a battle that we fought everyday with the society. Society expect you to have a certain level of progress and wealth. While its cool to want to be noble and help other … bill still need to be pay and the more you need to pay they higher you would need to progress.

You want to attain wealth, attain progress or attain balance, its a choice and its a choice that you have to make in different point of your life. You don’t only have one destiny, as destiny is build upon and not decided by.

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BaZi 60 Pillars – Ji You 己酉, Diamond in the rough

Ji YouRough diamonds are those that is freshly liberated from the bowel of the earth. Usually unassuming and unattractive with many rough edges. Ji You are such a pillar with much value and quality but still encase in their natural skin. They would need a hand of a master cutter/crafter to hemp smooth out those rough edge and a good shine/wash to bring the best out of them.

Ji earth is the natural soil that provide growth and store in them untold mineral. It usually required some toiling and digging before they will give up their treasure. Lucky part is that they usually lack the ability to fight back and hence make the process of excavation much easier. One might not know what you may discover in this exiting task of digging. Maybe a set of ancient bone, an entire archeology civilization or the much yearn for riches of jewel and diamond. Ji giving nature is usually call for and praised upon but then again … what if people are taking from you? still feel cool about it?

Ji is seated upon a You (Rooster) with only a singular energy of Xin metal (Eating God). Xin itself is already a representation of precious metal which is gold, silver or jewel. This would means that this JI already have thing of value right under her skin. Eating God is a rather introvert creative star which actually means they have a brilliant mind of creation and possibility. They are often dreamy but the lucky part is that they can be unsurfaced rather easily due to the earth eagerness to give. you just have to poke a little and they will show you their treasure.

Since You represent one of the peach blossom, they will not find it hard to locate a suitor. Ji is down to earth and hence they often under value themselves and might end up with underserving people. They need someone that will bring out their value and hence in the wrong hand will end up as paper weight not able to offer the best to the world.

You combine with Chen (Dragon) which bring the energy of Wu earth (Rob Wealth), Yi wood (7 Killing) and Gui water (Indirect Wealth). This combination create a powerful contender that is both cunning and competitive whit a sharp eye for opportunity. Relationship is going to suffer as RW push DW (Wife) away while introducing the 7K (Boyfriend) star into their life.

You will clash with Yi wood which carry a singular energy of (7 Killing). For female, this star represent their boyfriend star. This is again reflective of their undeserving mentality of Ji earth. Female usually think they do not deserve the relationship while both male/female will lack actual courage to cross the line.

For a Ji You to actually shine, they need external force to assist them to move forward. if you rely on own self motivation it might not happen because Eating God is good at being humble while Ji earth is even worse when it come to taking credit. they would much love to hide under the dirt for the rest of their life. they need a good wash from water if they ever want to attain some sort of shine.

Notable Ji You 己酉 public figure Audrey Hepburn


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BaZi 60 Pillars – Wu Shen 戊申, Earth Breaker

Wu Shen

Mother earth has been holding many untold secret in her womb. Often it is hard to get those material out without doing some serious digging. Wu Shen is one such pillar that is adapted in digging out hidden agenda or talent. Like to mighty digger in the mining field, it will eventually find the material that it is looking for … just a matter of time.

Wu earth is the oldest element as planet earth would need to exist before the other element can manifest itself. Even up until today, earth still play the role of keeping other element conceal. Wood is keep as fossil fuel, fire as lava, metal as ore and water as reservoir. There is nothing that earth will not keep and this nature itself make them the best candidate for keeping secret. Earth is the hallmark of trust as you will never see a mountain abandoning its post. When ever you come back, the same mountain will be there waiting.

Wu here is seated on top of Shen (Monkey) that carry the element of Geng metal (Eating God), Wu earth (Friend) and Ren (Indirect Wealth). They are by nature a friendly lot and would want to be cordial with people around them. They have a keen sense of strategic future given by their indirect wealth star. further to that their Eating God gave them the ability to innovate new method to crack into the tough earth. They take a rather friendly approach and at the same time come up with the best possible method to access the future potential hidden within. This is a talent is coaching …

Relationship in a romantic sense has not bee a hallmark of people that has Friend star seated in their spouse palace. they are often easy to approach but hard to commit in fear of damaging their fragile friendship. The appearance of IW for male also means that they keep their option open. The door is never close (maybe even got no door)

Shen attract Si (Snake) that invite the energy of Bing fire (Indirect Resource), Wu earth (Friend) and Geng metal (Eating God). This combination bring more joyous moment engagement and dreamy sense of connection. Its more inviting for lady in term of suitor attraction as their carefree persona signal an easy and happy time together. The absence of major husband (DO) and Wife (DW) star already suggest that the encounter may not last.

Shen push away Yin (Tiger) which carry the energy of Jia wood (7 Killing), Wu earth (Friend) and Bing fire (Indirect Resource). We can see a little positive news for female as both the boyfriend star (7K) and Friend star is being keep at bay. This suggested that if you are able to bag a Wu Shen female, its likely she will not be looking any further but that does not means she actually dig into you.

This pillar is all about discovering that future talent of you and finding cordial way to make you reviled those talent out. This approach is a very coaching way of getting thing done. They have the patience to wait for the right moment to make you move and come out with new an ingenious way to make you accept the movement.

Notable Wu Shen 戊申 public figure Mr Hu Jintao

Hu JingTao

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BaZi General : Implosion

vet_implosion2“An Empire never fall because of external threat, they rot from within” – The dude that lost his empire.

Clash of 2 elements is what most people are concern of especially if it involve the useful 10 gods. Direct Wealth and Direct Officer are the 2 most sought after 10 gods as one govern Money while the other Authority. Whenever Rob Wealth appear, we are expected to have some lost of money and Hurting Officer will bring some unrest toward those in power.

The clash is usually mitigated by using a buffer element that bridge the clash by making them co produce rather than against. This is effective when we are dealing with 2 pillar clashing but what is to be done when the clash is happening within 1 pillar and worse still both happening at the same time?

Pillar of Hell

Some DayMaster have tougher pillar to handle as compare to other and above is 6 DayMaster that has to go through some harrowing experience just to growth. The single pillar consist of a clash between DW | RW and at the same time DO | HO. Mishandling this pillar could bring both litigation and monetary issue all at the same time.

When there is threat, there is always opportunity. The double clash also bring co-production. If we take the Ren water DayMaster as an example. Gui (RW) clash Ding (DW) and Yi (HO) clash Ji (DO) while at the same time, Gui produce Yi produce Ding and produce Ji. The issue of clash is remedy by co-production in a very fragile cycle as the benefactor element will eventually attack the solution element.

Rob Wealth the need to compete will fuel your Hurting Officer that demand change while this ignite Direct Wealth that govern hardwork which will provide you with the power of Direct Officer (So far so good?) … Will your DO now attack your RW which was your initial source of change and ultimately allow you to attain power? Biting the hand that feed you …

My personal experience as a Ren water on this pillar was maxing out 5 credit card and subsequently cost me 6 years of repair and clean up the credit mess. Luckily the next appearance, I would be long dead. It has indeed help me with my personal growth as the solution to this little puzzle is rather easy enough that involve Direct Resource … you have to learn from your own created freaking mess … don’t bite your own hand.

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BaZi General : Is winter coming?

Economists say the winter is coming and figuratively speaking its true from a metaphysic point of view. The coming year is all water year. 2019 Ji Hai, 2020 Geng Zi, 2021 Xin Chou, 2022 Ren Yin and 2023 Gui Mao. It is not that Water element is in particular any bad but it’s the consecutive 5 year onslaught that is going to cause some issue.

Water brings connectivity among people. One would expect their environment to be more than connected. How is the idea of having absolute no privacy sound to you? Sharing of information is going into hyper loop speed and with the introduction of AI, we all might finally have a new friend that know everything about us. 

Then come the emotional component of water. Because you are so connected with other that some/many of their issue in life is going to rub off on you. Can you actually take on all of other people problem while managing your own set? 

The combine effect is a place where you know too fast and care a little too much. You can imagine someone who saw the tsunami and frantically trying to evacuate village house by house. If you are not prepared for the crisis, you are in for a great awakening. 

Earth DM see wealth, which is suppose to be good. Then earth has natural resistance against wealth as they don’t actively chase after it. Now that wealth come pouring in, many of their previous virtue will likely be wash away. Everyone should find more Earth friend … you take those wealth that they reject.

Metal DM see output, which translate to innovation. They would be the most interesting bunch of people. Metal being justice base combine with innovation, you would see some major reform and transform of the law, rule and justice system. Many aspect of current border less world is not yet cover and hence they might poke their finger into it. Federation of united Earth … resistant is futile! 

Water DM see companion, which signal party! We are legion … cause we are many! They get carry away by people around them. Choosing associate become paramount activity, you can really control the direction of a current but you can choose which current to follow. If you are looking for extreamist … try to look for water DM.

Wood DM see resource, which signified wisdom. Wood is the beneficiary of the period but only if they teach what have they learn. Water is likely to carry unrooted wood away and hence many of them will be thrown into disarray. Instead of facing the issue many would choose to run away … they will keep running until they decide to share their knowledge, that is when they will find root. This is another good element to keep as friend.

Fire DM see influence, which bring power. They sustain the most amount of pressure during his period. Talk about a bunch of holigan that don’t want to listen or discuss … last straw would be total war. The beating shall continue until discipline improve … that’s gonna work. This group need to handle with care … try not to stand too close. 

Prepared for what might be coming. Make some Earth and Wood friend, they are handy during these period. 

BaZi 60 Pillars – Ding Wei 丁未, smoldering Amber

Ding Wei

We have manage to achieve much of our advancement mainly due to the discovery of fire. We also learned that certain material like wood store some energy which will be release slowly once it is light up by fire and can hence sustain the fire longevity. It is through such discovery that we slowly manage to craft things using this slow burning heat. Ding Wei is one such pillar that prefer the slow method in changing the environment around them.

Ding fire has a very special ability, it can change other element. Ding is often associated with enlightenment and its through such understanding that everything around them start the journey of change. Earth is scorch, water evaporate, metal melt, wood turn to ash and fire rage, all 5 element react to the present of fire. Once you get warm with Ding fire nothing ever stay the same again.

Ding here is seated on Wei (Goat) that carry the energy of Ji Earth (Eating God) and flank by the energy of Yi wood (Indirect Resource) and Ding fire (Friend). All the 3 energies are the passive type where the earth Eating God display the highest amount of compassion as it govern creativity  They often want to imagine the best for other, a fantasy land of growth and nurturing. They are often the big picture people and very driven by the wellbeing of people around them.

In term of relationship, there is not spouse star present (DO Husband | DW Wife). Their preference is more toward possibility and feeling. They have this imagination that their relation is perfect and nice, this is despite whatever is the real situation. They rather suffer in silence than to actually burst the bubble of reality. They do not actually have high demand in relationship, you just have to be a friend to them and their enjoy the moment with you … that is all they need.

Wei will combine with Wu (Horse) pulling in the energy of Ding fire (Friend) and Ji earth (Eating God). In relationship again the spouse element is missing (DO | DW) and hence the resulting energy does not really do much with relationship matter. It is very relax and cordial situation for a fellow Ding Wei, take thing slow and no need to rush.

Wei will clash with Chou (Ox) which push away the energy of Ji earth (Eating God), Gui water (7 Killing) and Xin metal (IW). Here you see both the boyfriend (7K) and girlfriend (IW) is being deny entry. Relationship has a hurdle in starting with them, they somewhat see relationship as something restrictive toward their big fantastic imaginative world. Now is the moment and lets not go toward that risky future state.

He is a really gentle soul that want to slowly influence you. All they concern is the concept of cooperation and imagination. They sense their surrounding, find what support does the people around them need and create the environment required. They are actually quite romantic as a lover but may come out short as a provider. Its is a hard task for them to cross the threshold of nice and hence they often silently give up what they want instead of fighting for it… what ever comes, come !

Notable Ding Wei 丁未 public figure Mr Ronald Reagan


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BaZi 60 Pillars – Ding Si 丁巳, Final Impact


A huge fireball shriek across the sky … Our eye was blinded by its brilliance light. The sky lid up like a million sunlight … Luckily it was just a pass by, meteorite. Million of stone in space hurl by our little planet and some do get close enough to start a drama with us. Ding Si is one of those dramatic comet that occasionally pass by our life, stir our emotion, but luckily make no permeant damage.

Ding fire is what we call an element of change. It function in total darkness bringing brightness to the people around them. A person usually cannot ignored fire, it is one discovery since the stone age. We cook, we hunt, we keep warm, we protect and even craft with the use of fire. This is indeed a life changing element to many. When a Ding fire approach, you just cannot resist and can only wait to see what hope it brings into your life.

Ding is seated on top of Si (Snake) which carry the energy of Bing fire (Rob Wealth) and Wu Earth (Hurting Officer), plus Geng metal (Direct Wealth). Leadership is a good quality that they often carry thanks to the rob wealth star. They display natural competitive quality and its in an obvious way. They do not shy away from any opportunity to take the stage as they understand they want to affect as many people as possible. Hurting officer gave them the bravery to stand out even against enormous large entity. While all these noises are  happening, they also poses the diligent of Direct Wealth to quietly push through their agenda without showing tired or frustration.

For the male Ding Si, the appearance of both Direct Wealth (Wife) and Rob Wealth (counter wife) would have already indicated an unstable relationship. Even for the female, Hurting Officer (counter Husband) would make enough noise to turn most man away. They commitment toward changing other is so strong that they often ignored and abandon their other half. Like the comet that pass by us, everyone see them but no one get close to them.

Si will combine with Shen (Monkey) which carry the energy of Geng metal (Direct Wealth), Wu earth (Hurting Officer) and Ren water (Direct Officer). When the husband star (DO) meet with the Hurting Officer star, this indicate a rather unharmonious household. Even the man with the wife star (DW), their innate RW star still struggle to accept the. The man may want a family but lack the determination to maintain one while the woman spend too much time trying to control and change their partner. 

Si will push away Hai (Pig) which carry the Ren water (Direct Officer) and Jia (Direct Resource). Since the husband star (DO) is repel away, it is an indication that a woman life would face much more challenge in the path of relationship. What worse their refusal to accept help (DR) from other in rectifying their situation. I don’t think any earthling has successfully offer help to the occasionally passing Halley comet.

Ding Si is all about rallying other together but walk a rather a solitary life (especially woman). Their need to show other often drive them to even try to outshine the sun. This attitude create a large number of fans and can make quite a ruckus that will often upset the current establishment or authority the hold power. Like a comet that often pass by our planet, many will gather and look. Some will pray for mercy, so that the comet do not actually land itself on our tiny planet call earth.

Notable Ding Si 丁巳 public figure Mr Tony Blair


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