BaZi 10-on-10 : DW/HO Cash Magnet

Falcons Panthers Football

Getting people to notice you may be one of the most important skill if you want to survive in business. With the influx of internet and the ever convenient of connectivity, we are swamp with choices and hence its getting very hard to stand out. Hurting Officer being the natural attention seeker couple with determination of wealth star they stand tall in the sea of people and are able to command attention for a longer period. Much like cheerleading, long hour of training for that few minutes of performance and everyone look forward for their performance. Their task is to command the crowd and keep them asking for more.

When DW/HO appear in the year, you become a market mover. Usually the first to shake the market with new and provoking view on the situation. This can be seen as a situation of hard selling where you are trying really hard to carry the point across. Being close to them as a friend often come with the perk of sharing the attention. If you somewhat fear trouble, don’t cling too close to fellow DW/HO.

If the DW/HO lands in the month, you will likely get a typical show host that has the gift. They seemingly can make thing up along the way and even manage to stay convincing most of the time. They are people that are ever willing to stick to their story no matter how absurd it may be. My personal opinion is that their are hoping that thing will eventually become true with enough repetition.

DW/HO appearing in the hour would create a somewhat determine personality. They are so into it that if they cannot make it, they will channel it to their disciple. You might be seeing parent that are ever busy bring up a child star. Don’t really think its fun being painted a target from young. They good point is that that really give you the attention instead of trying to competing for the limelight.

This combination is one of the more healthy HO. With great determination, eventually time will proof itself. Although HO carry the notion of being flamboyant and are often associated with the act of destabilizing status quo, they are much needed in the modern society. Most establishment like schooling system and even government is not working well and HO happen to be the one that are able to shake thing up enough so the rest of us can drive a wedge into the crack.

If you happen to find any celebrity with DW/HO please send me a prompt …

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BaZi 2018 : Water, Taking on giants.

Water Earth

Water cover about 70% of the earth surface and 90% of water is in the ocean. Yet we often see the wave relentlessly attacking the shoreline trying to engulf even more land. Water in actual have a natural tendency to avoid land (Mountain) as water head downward joining their brethren in the ocean, while earth will never chase after them. Water and Earth don’t really fight each other, you leave me alone (Mountain) and I’ll go my way (water).

2018 sees a rather difficult situation for Water as the double earth from Wu Xu blocking their path ahead. Earth represent the influence star for water DayMaster. This star is all about law and order. There are rule and regulation as well as unwritten cultural norm that run the society at large. People in general will be looking for you to find a breakthrough like water trying to find crack in a dam. It is this high expectation that you can find a way that give you the tremendous pressure of 2018.

Xu carries sub Qi of Xin metal (Resource) and Ding fire (Wealth) which signal a hidden opportunity within the difficult situation. Like water of the ocean, the battle front is at the shoreline when you have sufficient backup to face the obstacle. Resource represent external help inform of other people experience (knowledge) while wealth represent relentless effort to work on the issue ahead. Seek help, work hard and more importantly make that big decision to take action.

For those that has just started their journey, its a year to be humble and find gentle way in order to avoid confrontation. Joining up with other to make bigger volume help in many way. Just keep in mind that your purpose is to join with the mighty ocean and not spend time trying to reshape the earth.

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BaZi 2018 : Metal, pressure-leisure-treasure

Metal EarthDiamond being one of the hardest material in the world, can only form under extreme pressure. Its often used for display and at time signified “forever”. Its high value come from its rarity and required precision to be shape and carve out. The entire process take quite a long time and required to be handle by many different expert along the way.

2018 see our metal friend being buried (protected) by tons of earth. This signal a time of reflection and learning. Earth being the resource star for metal element will translate into a period of waiting and planning. Resource star has its association with the noble man star as well. In the olden day, people only learn when someone more experience decide to depart their wisdom on you (people can hardly read back then).

People of metal need to seek this opportunity to learn and experience either through direct study or go out and get their hand dirty. Contemplating is one of metal weak point as they are naturally drawn toward doing instead of planning. They need to exert some energy in allowing other to show them.

The sub energy of fire (Influence) and metal (Companion) suggest a period of discipline and identification of friend/foe. Its a time where you will need to properly research the card that has been deal to you. looking forward 2019-2023 is mostly water related years where shinning of the metal will be essential. Your next ultimate move need to be decided this year itself.

Take caution not to be too passive. There is a chance that other may not recognized your contribution at all but that should be fine. You are sharpening your sword for a greater battle ahead.

BaZi 2018 : Earth, United Front

Earth EarthStrength in number, this is the advise when things are unsure out there. Another Chinese saying is, “if enemy don’t move, I shall not move as well”. This will be the year where you see earth people start clan-ing together. When like minded people come together its call a movement, when they go out of control its call a riot.

Earth element (Wu & Ji) will meet with their companion star (Friend & RobWealth). Its essentially a connection and fellowship star that is often docile and inviting. Networking with each other is going to be essential in the coming year. People of earth will find it easy to socialized with other as long as they are part of the trusted circle. New joiner, however is going to suffer a little as they will need to show proof of their allegiance.

Sub element in the branch carry Ding Fire (Resource) and Xin metal (Output), which is a control/clash effect toward the output star. Ji Earth people will have a little more trouble as their combination is a RobWealth main Qi couple with Indirect Resource attacking Eating God (Owl stealing food) which translate to eccentric leadership. What can be worst than a cult with a unstable cult leader.

The main commodity for 2018 is trust or blind allegiance toward a cause. One should watch for those thing that seems to move heaven and earth. Earth traditionally have a lot to do with hiding at the same time giving as well. Just imagine scaling a high wall but have no idea what is actually behind it. It could turn out to be salvation or a rude awakening.

It is definitely a marvelous year to cement a stable and strong foundation with people and organization that you work with. Its a good year to invest, contribute and give toward what you believe in. Earn your credit by being part of the team and show people you will be there as part of the crucial support structure.

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BaZi 2018 : Fire, Burn and florish

Fire Earth

Volcanic ash is one of the most nourishing earth and its often a place of choice for farmer to settle down. Despise the obvious danger of volcanic eruption, again and again people are drawn to those place. When you want a gain, there is always some risk involve.

Fire DayMaster (Bing & Ding) is meeting their Output star (Eating God & Hurting Officer) this year. It is going to be a rather challenging task ahead as making a spectacular explosion is not at easy task. This year is all about mind blowing ideas to them. Stubborn earth can be move from within with proper build up of excitement.

If you happen to be involve with motivating people then you are in the right industry, there is a lot of motivation needed for the year. You would need to get people out of their comfort zone, lure them out of their protective cave. Big epic explosion moved mountain, little shovel don’t do much.

You would have already expected collateral damage in this process of terraforming. There is a hint of wealth star and companion star and hence competition for gain is going to happen. What once could be someone else can now be yours after the shakeup. The opposite could be true as well.

This year you should pick a task that you are really passionate about and push it to the point of breakthrough. You may feel that everyone is running away from you (obviously people run from volcano erupting) and this might make you lonely, yet you should get it done as the resulting new landscape will benefit many.

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BaZi 2018 : Wood, Bring it on !


So, mother earth is going to be stubborn this year. What better way to deal with it than sending in someone that is equally patience in handling stubborn situation. Wood in particular hold this quality of growth that they are willing to take eternity just to change situation around them. If there is someone to crack the year of 2018, the job belong to the Wood element people.

You can be a Jia DayMaster, Yi DayMaster or having Wood dominant in your chart, and the year Wu Xu represent a pure wealth pillar with a hint of Output and Influence. When wealth surface it usually bring achievement and hence this is going to be a rather busy year for wood people. If all else fail, you better have something to achieve this year, if you happen to be for some weird reason, not having any goal … you know what, you will achieve nothing (nothing is still a goal). The thing that help tipped you will be your ideas and your ability to actually start it.

This is not a year for you to sit on things, wood tend to have this tendency to seek safety. They like the idea of out living other while trying to not get involve. Learning is their strong point and being an observer in life is their natural choice. This directly means most of everything in life become non of their business. You can imagine how much potential they miss out in life, just by sitting around.

The process of cracking the earth take time. Many may well say they want to do it and you might even see horde of people starting to take a hit at the tough earth. Later you will see many give up as earth toughen up. Further down the road you will even see those that had given up trying to make you give up with word of discouragement. If you happen to stay true to the wood calling of survive, you will see Earth soften and your root breaking through.

Game plan to wood people in 2018. Set a goal, make a decision to execute the goal, come out with different option (plan B, C, D, E …) and more importantly stay true to your goal and decision. For all other, if really don’t have anything significant to achieve, slimming is a good choice. Earth usually represent fat while wood represent strengthening/growth. Growth clash against fat … Slimming would be an easy target to set.

BaZi 2018 : Loyalty, Humility and Reality


Would you want to forcefully moved a mastiff if it decide to sit on your path? That would be the main theme for 2018. It is again time to have a peek into the year ahead, anticipate what is install for all of us. After a hectic year of 2017 Ding Xin (fire with small metal), where bullet seems to fly everywhere and celebrity leaving us one by one, most people might look forward for some stability.

2018 is the year of Wu Xu (戊戌) or what our common folk would call an Earth Dog year. For those of us that is into metaphysic, we know better there is no such thing a Dog. The main energy that Xu carried is another Wu Earth and hence this is a year where one mighty Earth land on another equally powerful Earth.

CaptureFirst thing to notice that this pillar carry last year energy of Ding and Xin (You) which means 2017 issue will linger within 2018. The Trigram that represent Wu Xu is the #15 humility. This trigram talk about enduring and lowering of status which is appropriate given the chaos that 2017 created. 2018 is going to be a little bit more stubborn that most people would like.

3 major energy carried by the Xu earth branch which is Wu Earth (Friend Star), Ding Fire (Direct Resource star) and Xin metal (Hurting Officer star). Friend star call for the need of loyalty and togetherness. You are expected to comply with the will of the mass and pressure to work within limitation. Many will be quoting 2017 as example of doom and gloom if you try to move away. People will have opinion especially against authority and leadership but is heavily watched by factual circumstances.

The key here in 2018 is to find good progressive people to be with. There are those that are unwilling to let go of the past and remain fiercely loyal to what had happen and holding a grudge to a glass of spill milk. Mixing with such group will hinder progress and lay waste to the year. You seriously do not want to move the Mastiff above.

Business that generally does well in 2018 are those with proven track record. People tend to look for trust in 2018 and the familiar businesses will thrive as repeat customer come seeking their services/product. This would means newer business that are trying to carve their way into an industry is going to meet with high resistance and skepticism.

Investment like insurance, unit trust, government bond and even property will be popular asset to rely on. Its a good time to shop and buy as price is going to be rather lethargic, which means you can shop around and come back later and yet the asset is still there waiting for you. This is a good market for buyer but bad for the seller, especially those that just ventured into the market.

For 2018, show some loyalty (make sure its a right group), go for old familiar brand, make sure your statement is express with proper factual backing, go shop for some value asset to invest and please don’t try to move the Mastiff, go around it.

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