BaZi General : Self fulfilling !

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The western side of the globe has always been very good with explaining stuff than our eastern counterpart. Marketing is one skill that eastern people seems to not able to master. We are preoccupied with making things a secret than actually go understand how it actually work.

Was attending a talk by a friend on the topic of mind and he shared this stickman with us on how this conscious mind control this unconscious mind of ours which ultimately resulted in our body to take action. It actually (finally) make sense !

I manage to do about 200 consult in 2016 with nothing more than the person birth date and most of the feedback is nothing short of spectacular. It make you wonder that the information that a chart have can really be that “accurate” ?

Sometimes you just need a small prompt to connect the dot and stickman does that for me really well. Our mind work in a wondrous manner, just imagine that from the day you were born the brain has never stop working. Pumping blood over the tiny blood vessel at the right pressure and speed. That happen without any control from our conscious mind at all.

Most of all the task is perform by the mighty subconscious mind inclusive of the very important role of remembering stuff. Our brain actually remember everything that has ever happen, seen, touch, taste, smell, imagined from the day we were born. So what happen that today we cannot actually use much of the information?

Your conscious mind has a very important role, which is to CHOOSE. Only those chosen subject is allow out and be given an opportunity to be process into action. Roll back a little and remember the last time you choose a car … what happen, the street just suddenly fill with that chosen car of yours. Every parking lot, every turn … you start to see the car and their advertisement on every of your Facebook page !

What actually happen here is that your brain create a folder every time you make a conscious choice and your subconscious will find all the information regarding that subject and place in that folder for you. You work on that active folder and hence you see thing that the active folder show.

When you happen to seek a consultation, the same process happen to you. We the consultant actually make a folder in your mind and your subconscious will do the rest of the work. Just think about it … i call you a Jia wood and tell you that you are noble and righteous … a folder of noble and righteous open, your mind will go into your data bank and fill up the folder with noble and righteous deed that you have ever encounter. You relate yourself since that is the only information shown to you … your action will soon follow to be noble and righteous.

The accuracy of a reading become very simple that for what ever that we say that you have choose to accept (open folder), you mind will automatically find the evidence to fill it up. The mysterious key (password) to opening a folder happen to be in the chart itself … Your mind work in graphic form and a chart is a graphic prompt. When i show you that your chart is a Jia Daymaster, there is nothing to dispute … its printed there a Jia DM … you agree … folder open !

Tarot card, i-ching coin … you name it, it is all graphic and start with you seeing it, choosing it and opening a folder for it. Once the folder open, you lose control of the subsequent process and your obedient subconscious mind will fill it up with evidence.

Is 2017 a good year … depend what folder you have open. Unfortunately some people do not even know how to open folder for them self. With this new found link (i know its old knowledge but is newer than Chinese metaphysics), i truly suggest you find a good consultant that open good folder for you.


BaZi 60 Pillars – Geng Zi 庚子, Sonic Boom


Happy 2017 and everyone should start with a loud BANG !

You achieve sonic boom when a large object travel in air faster than the speed of sound. at approximately 1,225km/hr all the sound cannot escape each other (get in each other way) and create one large explosive sound for everyone to hear. Geng Zi is like the sonic boom, they do not seems to be able to get out of their own way and make a scene for everyone to see eventually. Truly a very noisy pillar.

Geng is a rather poor element. On its own its rather useless as a clump of ore. Often they need to go over a long and excruciating process of forging before they can become something really useful. Hence, their story are always pack with hardship, trail and tribulation. Fire is often needed in the forging process to make them soft and manageable and then come another peace of equally hard steel to hit and hit them into shape. After the entire process they become something that is totally not them-self. Talk about being in hardship all your life and finally realizing that your original essence is all remove and change into something that you do not even recognized.

Geng is stated on top of Zi (Rat) that carry a singular energy of  Gui water (Hurting Officer). Water is a corrosion agent to Metal which make this setup not as hopeful as other. Hurting Officer is term as the trouble maker of 10 gods as they have this tendency to challenge the establishment. They have real problem following rule and submitting to society will. They have this idea that they can make thing work better without ever asking if anyone really want to change thing around.

Relationship is particularly edgy for the female as HO repel the husband star of DO. While it does not really do much to the male counterpart but the Zi attract the most unwanted relationship bane of Zi-Mao uncivilized punishment. People in this setup are often entangle in sexual scandal with relative ease. Thing of sexual in nature seems to be open to them, either they become a victim or assume the role of the abuser. So, how do you expect to maintain a healthy normal relationship with wolf circling around constantly?

Zi invite Chou (Ox) into the house with a combination that carry the energy of Ji earth (DR), Xin metal (RW) and Gui water (HO). here you can already see that both the husband (DO) and Wife (DW) repelling agent of RW and HO is invited into the pool. You just cannot imagine how are they going to control the infighting. Relationship is almost set for the path of doom.

Zi clash with Wu (Horse) which will remove the energy of Ding fire (DO) ans Ji earth (DR). here you can see that the husband star DO is hurl out into the street. So, you can see that this pillar is particularly anti relationship for a female bearer. Unfortunately that society is often more forgiving toward male species when it come to relationship mess that is crated.

Without sufficient discipline (Fire element) that is required for the forging process, this pillar will eventually rot itself. It is often advise that the Geng Zi pillar people to be subject to some form of hardship early in life and only that can ensure that they are refine enough that the water become a polishing agent instead of a rusting agent.

Notable Geng Zi 庚子 public figure Hugh Grant

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BaZi 60 Pillars – Ji Hai 己亥, The Enduring winner


Merry Christmas 2016, may the light of Bing fire warm all your heart.

One of the prime activity that help my country prosper was the mining of tin in the olden day. Tin mining used to be a laborious task where many people were imported (expat ! lolz) from China to man the panning process. Massive amount of water is used to wash the soil until only a little amount of tin is left behind. The pillar Ji Hai has a similar process where the earth required a longer period of washing to bring out its shine.

Ji earth is the element of nurture. They have this unbeatable ability to take things in. When you pour water to the soil it just absorb it. When the wave crash on the sandy beach, the sand just take it. Even when you drown it in water it will just sit at the bottom and wait. Anything can grow on soil and it never choose who or what. They are just this kind hearted people that want other to prosper, sometime at the expense of themself.

Ji earth is sitting on Hai which bring in 2 energy of Ren Water (Direct Wealth) and Jia wood (Direct Officer). Water give them the ability to be all encompassing and very quick ability to respond to people need. Like the ocean that is all reaching and touch all life, they tried their best to connect with people around them. Wood on the other hand give stability and growth. They not only want a simple connection, they work to gain a more permanent relationship with people that they have touch.

In term of relationship, the score rather highly with the appearance of both Husband (Direct Officer) star and Wife (Direct Wealth) star. They have this enormous ability to work things out. They set out to touch life and they have decided to put much of their time into making it work. They know the important practical thing to do and it often the by the book type when it come to taking required action. The do not fool around and see every engagement to be serious business.

Hai will attract Yin (Tiger) in a combine relationship that pull in the energy of Jia wood (Direct Officer), Wu earth (Rob Wealth) and Bing (Direct Resource). For the female chart, this garner good fortune as the husband star is being further strengthen. For the male counterpart, appearance of Rob Wealth will somewhat weaken the Wife star (Direct Wealth).

Hai will clash with Si (Snake) which push out the energy of Bing fire (Direct Resource), Geng metal (Hurting Officer) and Wu earth (Rob Wealth). Here we see both the relationship trouble maker star of HO and RW is being push away, which means they are very serious in maintaining the relationship at hand.

Overall we are facing a rather hardworking and proper by the book person. They often take their sweet time slowly refining their life. If you are in for the longer hull, these people are a must in your social profile. In the process of panning for tin, what you want is the little end result, rushing the process might even backfire on your face … unless of course you can afford a Dredging Machine‎ !!

Notable Ji Hai (己亥) public figure Matthew Hussey


BaZi General : 2017


This is the full chart of 2017 and should be no surprise its not exactly a simple fire rooster reading that usually happen every year. Many yearly reading available would only be using the year pillar and further applying ShenSha (Auxiliary star) method to make inference of the year to be. If this is your first time reading yearly outlook, there is no 12 animal sign here … many other has already done a good job on the 12 animal, so go look for them.

Generally many would have already know that 2017 is the year of transformation where heavenly Ding fire is melting the earthly Xin metal. When you throw in the full chart, the dynamic actually change quite a lot. Many of the element would need to interact with the other element and hence making their life a little more difficult.

The interesting element that we all would look at first would of course be the Wealth element. Here wealth is represented by the Fire element (Ding). There is a singular obvious Fire at the stem of the Year Pillar. Here you would know that money is going to be a prominent issue in 2017. its scarce and everyone would want a peace of it. Getting money is going to be a rather difficult activity in 2017. For those of your BaZi that is heavy in Fire, congratulation … you are in demand.

The rampant element in the chart happen to be Water (Companion). Here you can see that competition is going to be intense with the heaven stem Ren water flanking the Wealth element Ding. You are not the only person interested in money, so how are you going to handle them ? Co-ownership is something that you would need to consider this year. There is actually no point competing for something scares, it make much more sense to share what is available and make the pool bigger. So, Water heavy people need to truly learn the ability to work together … Share what you have, knowledge and time.

The Earth element (Influence) is the trouble seeker element. First their producer the Fire is busy being attack by Water, then their prey Water is overly supported. You have a situation where you go on an attack without the backup of supply. You are totally seeking a defeat if you mount an attack. If you are in property, this read negative gearing + asking for above market price. There is already no renter to your property and you are asking for high rent … ain’t you asking for trouble. For Earth heavy people, please check your situation before making outrageous demand.

Metal (Resource) is in a state of relax. Fire is too busy and cannot attack them, Water is strong enough that it unlikely to be needing their assistance while Earth have not much choice but to help them. Its a good time to learn and obtain knowledge. Helper are generally less stress and are more willing to risk them-self in any form of activity. Metal people are encourage to go out and experience. This is the best time to learn as your action will generally be forgiven even if its wrong.

Wood (Output) on the other hand is slightly busy. Water is pushing them for idea and new direction. Fire is screaming for support, so they could survive. Earth look like an easy pick and ripe for attack while Metal is too free that it might mount an attack on Wood. There is too many front for Wood to cover in this short span of time. For the Wood chart people, consider your option … buffet line don’t means you have to eat everything. Prioritize yourself … money and self preservation should be your consideration.

You now have a good game plan for 2017. You know money is going to be difficult, many player in the market, knowledge is the king, power is receding while new idea is being pressure. Getting out of the box (how about totally destroying it) is going to be the edge to set you apart this year. If you are still relying to the old method and have not achieve transformation … this is truly going to be a challenging year.


BaZi 60 Pillars – 丁酉 Ding You, The guiding star


The north star has long been used by sailor to find their way in the unforgiving sea. Its easily recognized and always appear at the same spot. The availability of the star allow sailor in any part of the world to calculate their own relative position from the star and reach their intended destination. Ding You (丁酉) has the same ability to guide people and act as a natural magnet if you need guidance.

Ding fire is the element of enlightenment. It provide vision in the darkest condition and provide warm in the coldest environment. It is often describe as life changing. You see, Ding fire is the only element that can change all other element, it scorcher earth, turn wood to ash, turn water to steam, melt metal and of course devour itself. Its prime function is to get you the necessary drive to move ahead. Transformation process is often painful and can take a long time, however the result might take your breath away.

Ding is sitting on top of You (Rooster) which carry a singular energy of Xin metal. Xin often represent precision and clarity. We often used precious metal like gold silver and even diamond to speak of Xin. It is indeed a rather rare element with the uncanny ability to attract attention. This setup make them naturally talkative and like to draw limelight.

Xin metal here represent Indirect Wealth when translated into 10 gods. IW is the star of the future. They have this penchant like to see far ahead and wait for the right moment to leap. Their ability to assess the big picture is sometimes overwhelming. They make conscious decision to abandon unnecessary action and just conserve their energy for that one big moment in life.

You (Rooster) will attract Chen (Dragon) which carry the energy of Hurting Officer (Wu) couple with 7 Killing (Gui) and Indirect Resource (IR). In term of romance the appearance of HO and 7K does not favor the female side. You (rooster) is also a peach blossom star which make a lady rather attractive, risky and unable to follow society doctrine. You just can’t seems to ever reach her heart.

You (Rooster) will clash Mao (Rabbit) that carry the element of Yi wood (Indirect Resource). Its neutral for both gender when it come to relationship. IR is often the yardstick of health as IR produce the DayMaster. Having repel the IR, it is indicate the willingness to put personal health at the backseat. self-sacrificing or reckless living ?

They have a mission in their life which is to make you move. They want to show you that your current spot is not good enough and you deserve a better result. They are equip with the skill to attract and lure you with peach blossom (You), enlightenment (Ding) and future (IW). To achieve this, they are prepared to hurl themselves into the fire pit and burn together toward the future glory.

Prominent Ding You (丁酉) public figure Mr Jack Ma


We wish upon a star 2017


Is 2017 going to be that bad ? Well … it really depend how you look at the word transformation. In Chinese Metaphysics, unlike western that see time as a linear product, time is seen as a cyclic product that does repeat itself. The year Ding You has happen 60 years ago in 1957.

1957 2 very large even took place, first being the launch of a little ball of steel called sputnik into orbit. That totally scared country to hell where all their great border defense is render useless. Sputnik can now stroll leisurely into their backyard unhindered, having a peak into their nation most closely guarded secret. The second event was the launch of something called intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Now we can send a bomb to your backyard from the convenience of my backyard. Before these 2 even most country has heavily invested in more traditional border control and restricting movement … that was all thrown out of the window … thing can fly in from low orbit unrestricted. Everything transform after that … most notable was the space race.

Its not that hard to read 2017 since its between Ding Fire and Xin Metal (You/Rooster). Its a simple fire melt metal relationship. 2016 was simply a trailer / preview, the sun Bing is shinning on a clump of Steel (Geng). Nothing actually happen no matter how long you sun an axe … it won’t even go soft. But now you have a real agent of change entering and meeting up with a soft precious metal … it melt and its ready for molding.

For most people, accepting change is already a challenge itself … now you are asking for actual change. We saw Mr Donald win with disbelieve in 2016, do you truly think 2017 the landscape of US politic and diplomacy won’t change ? My own country was a shocker with the grand leader gotten his hand stuck taking cookie from the jar. How would the landscape change now that most of the national asset is bartered to China for a rescue plan ?

The banking/financing industry is going to be largest affected player as they are represented by Xin metal. Their role as a provider of liquidity is no longer secure with the proliferation of crowd funding. Just as how Uber wipe out exclusive cab/taxi and how AirBnB took a swing on hotel … Bank will now have to start competing with everyone. Bank no longer have a hold on currency as more people seems to mint their own money with the used of cryptocurrency. Blockchain has finally made digital item authenticate-able. Fire is the representation of internet and Xin in banking … the true era electronic financing will take flight. Our printed money has finally meet its match …

For me personally, Fire represent Wealth while Metal is knowledge. I have spend a little time in obtaining certification (expensive activity), building publication (writing blog/book) and gaining fame (not easy going on stage) so i could used the very knowledge that i have to lure the wealth. Its much easier to plan your life path when you have an indication of what is to happen and Chinese Metaphysics seems to have done the trick well.

Unsure of what is install for you in 2017, just remember what Optimums Prime say … Transform and roll !


Bid you a safe journey … Mr 2016


Its the time of the year to close the year again. This is the time when you sit around and look at your resolution and goes like “i shouldn’t have wrote that, well … carry forward next year then”.

2016 has been a year of excitement for myself. A year can be tough but you can make the best out of it. I started writing on this blog in 2014 and by today, with the blessing of all the reader here, the number has reach 300,000 view with 80,000 being unique visit.


This year also mark the year i got involved with radio broadcast. MelodyFM one of my local radio, extended an invitation to have me on their show “Morning BOSS” for 3 freaking month talking about FengShui and BaZi. That was indeed a new experience to be bombarded by question on the fly. Staying in the studio for 2-3 hour at a time for recording was actually fun … Thanks the host/DJ Wong Chui Ling for the memorable experience.


Then I had the pleasure of working with the JoeyYap Publishing team to get my book off the ground. Its indeed an honor to have the support and confidence from a big publisher on the field of metaphysics to agree taking up a title form a nobody and put it up on the market. What uplifted the experience the most was the book was launch by non other then Dato Joey Yap himself.


2016 has indeed been a fulfilling year. The energy of metal and fire will continue into 2017. Knowing the energy of the year has indeed help open some of the greatest door in my life. If it was not for the journey that i took 2 years back, i would have not given the chance to do all of those things. Sometimes you just a small guidance to nudge you toward the right direction … may Chinese Metaphysics become a tool in your life one day.