BaZi 60 Pillars – Geng Shen 庚申, Kenetic Bombardment.

kenitic Bomb

This is a process of dropping metal from a high place and letting it achieving terminal velocity. The subsequent kinetic energy released is equivalent to a bomb minus the need to produce a warhead. This describe people that is so natural to what they are doing that over time there is no stopping them at all. Geng Shen is they type that just need a nudge toward the desired direction and you can let gravity take care of the rest.

Geng metal often being described as a sword.They are associated of being swift and judgemental and hence justice is something that they protect dearly. When a sword goes down, there is no turning back as dead people cannot be resurrected (this is not gameofthrone). If they somehow get it wrong then there will be a lifetime regret involve. This has help them to evolve into someone that is acute of detail and are able to often raised above and make good decision. They are rather immune to pressure and they can decide on a person life and death.

Geng is seated on Shen (Monkey) which has the main Qi of Geng metal (Friend) and 2 sub Qi of Ren water (Eating God) and Wu earth (Indirect Resource). Here you them being one of the group which make them rather adaptable to their surrounding. they tend not to stir thing up but will take a strong stand if their “clan” is being threaten. IR often allow acute sense of your surrounding while EG give that flair of creativity in problem solving. So, as long as everyone want it, he will usually find a way to get it down. There is a situation whenever IR meet EG which is call “Owl stealing food”, its a scenario where the person is often eccentric as both IR and EG lack the ability/need to explain where their stuff came from. This make their solution very suspicious.

For their relationship, any chart that is seated on a friend star will encounter the same resistance that friendship is above all. This make them rather fearful to step into the realm of love (yes, friend zone addict). They will bolt out if friend is in need and you get confuse if you are really that special one as the friend seems equally special. For woman, this increase the level of complexity as Friend Star tend to combine with Direct Officer (Husband Star). You know how woman just like to talk, they practically 24/7 advertised the relationship to those so call friend. Their friend can easily slice into the relationship if crack form. They just have to offer a little better and you have already told them the benefit of YOUR man.

Shen combine with Si (Snake) which carry the Qi of Bing fire (7K), Geng metal (Friend) and Wu earth (Indirect Resource). For woman, 7K is their boyfriend star which make them easily attract suitor. They are like a wild horse where men like to tame but once tame, they still yearn freedom. This give a shaky feeling in the relationship. For man its ambivalent as wealth star is completely missing from the equation (look like friend zone forever)

Shen clash with Yin (Tiger) which repel the Qi of Jia Wood (Indirect Wealth), Bing fire (7K) and Wu earth (Indirect Resource). Here you see both the male/female partner star is being keep at bay. Its is really hard to break their friendship bonding. The simplest way to achieve relationship success is to ensure all his friend is already married, then they will feel obligated to keep up with his clan.

These people are very loyal to the cause of the society. They find way to fuel their dependency to be accepted and often at the expense of their own. Peer pressure is both a driving force and force of extreme destruction. Their sense of justice is derive from loyalty and it often has nothing to do with absolute right or wrong. Trying to change them is really a long process, you cannot bend a sword overnight.

Notable Geng Shen 庚申 public figure, Mr Mike Tyson

miketyson GengShen

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12 thoughts on “BaZi 60 Pillars – Geng Shen 庚申, Kenetic Bombardment.

  1. Worked with one, sometimes came across as stubborn. To the point of argument due to misunderstanding. Though meant well, he left eventually. Funny how this was posted day after his last.

  2. Ur posts on the 60 pillars are really full of shit and made up mumbo jumbo… are u sure u are cut out for this?! I saw ur report to my Friend and u gave wrong advice that made him worried for no reason.. think about the harm you’re causing u loser…

  3. Dear Kevin,

    May I have your brief opinion of my BaZi chart personality (strength & weaknesses)? Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Hour Pillar: Geng Chen
    Day Master: Geng Shen
    Month Pillar: Jia Wu
    Year Pillar: Xin Wei


      • Dear Joe,

        I have tried reading them and I had a preliminary understanding of each individual pillar’s element (personality trait of Geng Shen etc.), which you have provided in your other wonderful posts. The thing that I don’t know how to do is to see is how my personality looks like when all the pillars of varying element present (eg. Geng Chen + Geng Shen +….) me as a whole. I do hope you could help me with this. Thank you.


  4. I read here that since the transforming condition change due to annual/luck pillar strengthen/weaken not usually recommended, would that still be the case with this Day master having xin-si month and yi-chou year or can it be weaken anyway since it’s quite strong?

    • Ehhh Geng born in summer is already out of season … where does the strong come from.

      Anyhow strong/weak is lazy reading … either case you need to learn how to survive and thrive.

      Just like a car … performance come for tuning the car to your driving style.

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